Stats on website (Issue solved)

So when i go on and wanna acces my stats i can’t. I can’t log in, it gives me an error, but i can log fine on the website and the stats display in the game. Am i the only one? Tried 2 different browsers. Does not work on my phone either…

It currently doesnt work for anyone, I let TC know about this last week.

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Hello. Just to know if you have any issue to access to your stats by gearsofwar website ?
It did work well (access) but since last week I get this page (even after resetting my browser cache)
I sent a ticket and this was just to inform or get feedback from others.

Even if we can get information directly in the game I found more convenient to track with the website.

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Thanks for having merged. I didn’t see the OP post in my research before (done too quickly)

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Not a problem, thanks for the great post and for submitting a ticket :slight_smile:

I had been having the same issue, but as of this morning my stats are viewable again on the gears5 website.

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Just checked myself and it seems the issue has been resolved :slight_smile: