Stats for mastering Horde and Escape

Is it just my game or did these stats get reset or broken?

I’ve mastered all Hives but can only see the checkmarks for half of the Hives. The main stat screen says 0/32 completed.

I’ve also mastered all maps in Horde and Frenzy and I have no checkmarks. The main stat screen says 0/30 completed.

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I have the same problem, but if you look the stats tab on you can see your real stats.

Also, I want to ask if these stats are globally or against friends?

I can’t be on rank #44 on Pahanu for high score…

I hope this is fixed soon. @TC_Sera

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That will be globally.

And yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the 44th highest score in the world, someone in your team was probably using a score card.

Average master scores are high 600’s to low 700’s depending on classes and marking enemies.

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My stats tend to get stuck on a blank page for ages, but if I individually refresh it the stats eventually appear.

My “completion” stats are broken anyway. Alot of them show that I have mastered something more than I’ve completed it.

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The stats for frenzy is showing 31 maps … I am still looking for the 31th !

Is Abyss still on there twice ? Haven’t checked in a while

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It was so cool when they did the midnight omen challenges that you unlocked for horde and pvp. Actually made me want to play horde because they looked so cool.

I have the same problem.

Abyss is showing up twice in the stats menu in-game.

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This made me laugh lol.

My stats are ok for escape and horde. Probably another selective bug.

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Interesting… I just had a look at some of my in-game stats and it looks like some of them have finally fixed themselves!

So I can now see that I’ve completed The Surge 3345 times, and have mastered it 22 times - previously I had mastered it more than I had completed it, which is impossible.

However some of my stats are still totally incorrect. Apparently I have mastered The End 33 times, but have completed it 0 (yes, zero) times.

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It baffles me how shtuff like this happens. If I f’ed up this much at my job, I won’t have a job.

Jesus Christ, how did you get not bored after the 1k-mark? Also made me check my Surge-stats (928-72).

I have 1124 completions. Only 10 mastered runs though as I don’t play the map much. I really should play it again on master, it has been too long.

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It’s probably one of the best Hives since it’s one of the few where fights aren’t 100% predictable, if that makes sense. But speedrunning Master is also quite entertaining for a few runs.

It also is fairly tough first act and it will tell you right away how good the people you are with are.

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Oh definitely, getting to that damn Boomshot is a pain with some class-combinations.

Grinding, cos I didn’t want to burden other people with the promo classes etc. It was always a means to an end.

At the opposite end of the spectrum though, my stats for The Mist are 55/56 (master/completion).

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Made me check again, most Hives (Grind-ones the exception) are fairly balanced, but Wanderer is actually perfectly balanced (64/64). Still not sure if I trust these stats. Some things seemt a little off.

I think for me, only The Clock and The Surge have a big disparity.

Most of the later hives (Op 3 and 4) have reasonably good ratios - usually no more than about 3-6 difference. But half of my Escape hive stats are definitely and clearly incorrect.

I know The Mist ones are accurate as by this point I wasn’t playing Escape on anything lower than master by this point, with the exception of The Surge for grinding purposes, or the Wanderer or the Trap for quick boss kills for TOD medals. The one non-master game on The Mist was before it even came out - I remember it pretty clearly. I saw a PC player hosting a lobby about a month before it was properly released and just wanted to check it out, so I think we went in on elite.

I expect not many people have many “perfect” completion/mastered ratios anyway, as back then you had to unlock the mutators and that involved (I think) at least one non-master run, unless you jumped in with a host who had already done it.

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