Stats for each players worth it in horde/escape?

Would it be any worth it to have a feature where they’ll show you stats for each player during pre-match lobby?

Like couple of examples: how many times each player has mastered certain map, highest damage done on each character, most master runs completed in escape, most completed runs on horde or even most played characters in horde/escape.

Just be another way for hosts to kick players out if they haven’t mastered enough maps or something.

Lobby titles would say “Must have mastered all hives at least 5 times” or something stupid.


In this case, It can be advantage and disadvantage. What if there was 2 JDs that don’t change their classes, (which happens all the time) one JD has completed runs as JD x2 (as JD) and the other one has x43. What would you do in that situation?

But I do agree with what you said about host kicking players. Lol

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This would definitely promote even more unnecessary/impatient kicking in an already kicking feasted of a game.

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As much as I like to see more detailed stats, I believe this is going to be mainly counterproductive. As mentioned by @SPARGELKOHL, it will more likely lead to more kicking than better decisions of who should be who.

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Some of the star traking is stupid, particularly average scores, you look at your friends list and see people at the top simply because they played 1 game and your punished because you did your daily ToD challenges in a few quick rounds of horde

I’m wondering whether the characters that currently don’t have stats will get them or whether they will become class stats once op5 drops