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Stats for all game modes not working

Hello, saw a similar post about this but no real answer and didn’t find any other post with the search about it.
Anyway, my stats for all game modes have stopped working for 1,5 week now. This goes for all game modes, ranked and social.
My wins are updating but not my kd, score per min, kills per min, uptime and so on.

The stats are nice to have for knowing how you are improving and gives you something to aim for besides ranks so what’s up with this?

Also, could someone please explain what the % in stats means? Like I have 0,58 ring captures /min in Koth in gold 1 which is 6%. Does That mean I’m top 6% in gold 1 or what?

Thanks for info!

Hello, it means top 6% out of everybody, not just your own rank.

No idea why your stats are freezing.

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Thank you for the info regarding the percentages.
Weird about the stats though, thought everyone or at least some had the same problem…