Statement from Matt Booty Head of Microsoft Studios - Per Rod Leaving

"As we go forward, the studio is going to continue working. We have a lot more coming up with Gears 5. We have new operations, content and maps… we have new DLC plans. There’s a bunch of things that we’re going to be delivering for Gears 5 throughout 2020. And then coming up more immediately, we have the turn-based strategy game Gears Tactics, which is content complete. We are on track to get that shipped by the end of April. We are going out on tour at the end of this month to give press a preview of the game. I feel really good about where the game is. While it is unfortunate that we’re losing Rod, the timing makes sense from a production point-of-view as the game is already in place, and the senior creative leads on it are wrapping it up.

“Going forward, I deeply believe that one of the most valuable and important assets in the games industry are studios that have worked together and have shipped quality AAA games. Certainly, The Coalition is really a group of world class talent. We are also very fortunate that the leadership team that we have up there consists of a lot of senior veterans. So we’re in a stable situation there, and it gives us the opportunity to go out and find a new leader for the studio and really shape the future.”

wow looks like Gears 6 is in limbo at this point.

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