State of the game

So i havent played gears 5 these past few weeks because of several reasons we are all aware of and im wondering how the game is im gonna assume its still a hot mess but is it any better at all? Have they fixed anything? Should i even bother coming back?

Let me know please what yall think

I mean I have been having fun playing, but still seems like there are a bunch of issues.

Just read the threads and you will get your answers.


Had a feeling someone would say that :joy::joy:

Yeah man. I mean, it’s faster than waiting for an answer.

I waited to get into it because I wanted them to fix the bugs first. Apparently, a few months wasn’t enough time because I can’t play for more than a few min without running into a major bug of one sort or another.

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It’s still a bugfest.

  • Many connection losses even when internet connection is great.
  • Some skill cards not working (as intended).
  • Many ingame glitches or huge lag spikes (the clock escape decontamination room 1).
    And so on…

Still boring, and still full of glitches and inconsistencies. Haven’t played in weeks either, and I don’t plan on playing it anytime soon. My time will be spent on a game that doesn’t feel like a chore whenever I play it.

To add to my other posts, I felt forced to play for the Krampus skin for a mode that is horrible. I probably won’t be playing much either because of the issues people have been having. The game is a joke. I did enjoy the campaign although they could’ve added more to the campaign as in a fight while on the skiff a few times. Not a fan of Horde/Escape and certainly not a fan of MP. I really want to play the campaign on Insane as well but for some reason, even though I enjoyed the campaign, I don’t have the desire to play it again which is weird.

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While bugs and issues can be listed here, they do seem very negative. You’d have to play it yourself and decide. Your own tolerance to bugs and issues may be much higher than people on here. It doesn’t bother me much either.


Good answer dude. Yes, I have seen your posts on the community board on xbox lol They def do not bother you.

Community board on Xbox?

Home screen, scroll to the right 3 times I believe. Like a bulletin board. Shows who gets what achievements and who posts pictures to it. Uploading videos.

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Since they didn’t fix anything. I’d say it got significantly worse now.

Hey buddy.

It’s awful currently. Gnasher is even more broken than usual, especially if you use a keyboard and mouse like me.

They’ve stated that they’re aware of the issue, but we don’t know when it will be fixed. :roll_eyes:

Nah not about to read a million posts i wanted to hear an opinion over here.

I did play the game and lost patience and then i couldnt take playing it anymore so i asked is it any different/worth coming back to? And i got my answers.

Ahh yes the classic we are aware of the issue and working on a fix line. I think there are still issues in gears 4 that they were “aware of” that havent been fixed yet either way it takes months or never.

I currently only have it on game pass thank god i didnt spend money so i guess better cancel game pass for now

I’ll give you some good feedback.
The game still has issues but it’s gotten better. Movement in versus has gotten better. The shotgun should go back to 8 shots and needs a slight tweak at further distances.
Overkill is stupid strong.
Lancer is fine. Hammerburst is ok.

Connection is eh…same as every other gears game when playing online. One minute your guys is crisp and the. Ext you are firing bananas.

But dont go jumping back on and expect to play like a pro. You need to work at it. The skill gap is intense. Almost every vs game is a sweat match now. Is that bad? Yes and no. The first game I’m not really looking to go balls to the wall. I like to ease into it, but you cant.

You will still face stacked teams. You will still get killed in dumb ways. You will still feel the glory of winning. You are gonna get knifed. People are still gonna leave if you play with randoms. People are still gonna get dropped from games.

The store is still dumb. The tour of duty is ok. In the end though it’s what you make of it. It’s starting to become the game it should have been from the start. Which Is sad and good at the sametime.

Gears 5 is great fun. Many have convinced themselves to hate it for one reason or another, but for the most part the criticisms of the game are emotional and do not represent the majority of players.

It depends on what you view as a hot mess. Is the game perfect? No. Does it still have some bugs? Sure. Does it need more fine tuning? Yes.

But is the game otherwise working fine and fun to play? Yes.

Tour 2 is way more satisfying than Tour 1 as well. The rewards are actually good this time around and worth playing for.

And between FFA, 2 v 2 Gnashers, and Arcade Blitz, there’s a lot of variety compared to launch.

At the end of they day it comes down to someone’s personal preference. Play and decide for yourself.

If you like playing as JD or Marcus… and you like DELIVERY DRIVER MAC then the answer its YES , I think you should give it a try…

Also if you like playing with friends from the official forum , I think Gears 5 its the place to play… :slight_smile: definetely you’re going to have a blast.