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State of Gears of War (Please Read)

I believe the majority of the fan base feels like they are being taken advantage of as a consumer for a franchise they have supported for many years. As for newer players to the series, it would be hard to become a fan of a franchise that is taking advantage of its supporting player base.

This post will be addressing the main issues of Gears 5 from a consumer standpoint.

It will not be discussing the gameplay mechanics of the game (i.e. shotgun spread, wall bounce speed, weapon balancing, etc) as these are opinionated standpoints.

Free to Play Model in a $60 retail product

  • Gears 5 store heavily resembles Apex Legends in game store. However, Apex Legends is a completely free to play game. It is not retailed in any form. Playstation players can even play Apex Legends without a subscription to PS Plus. Gears 5 requires a subscription to either game pass + xbox live, ultimate game pass, or $60 retail product alongside a subscription to xbox live. It is unacceptable for a full priced AAA developed retail game to implement a free to play model . Whether it be Microsoft or The Coalition (or both) who is responsible for the lack of consumer friendliness, it needs to be addressed openly and specifically. Vague, political answers like the ones given in the latest developer stream will not cut it.

  • There’s extremely limited ways to earn the premium iron currency in Gears 5 by actually playing the game. In my personal experience, I earned 0 iron and 75 scrap upon reaching re-up 2. To put into perspective, there are 20 re-up levels in Gears 5. At this current rate, I will reach full re-up and still be 900 scrap short of making a single legendary (orange/gold outline) weapon skin. If a premium currency with a free to play model is implemented, please let the players be able to earn that currency at a reasonable rate. A reasonable rate is not 75 scrap in 200 levels.

Daily Challenges and The Tour of Duty

  • The current missions for daily challenges are simply too specific.

  • Example of a few daily challenges in the game:

    • Get 30 eliminations with X cog character or X locust character

    • Win a game on X map. (specifies a single map from a rotation of maps to win on)

    • Get X kills with X weapon.

    • Capture 5 rings in a “ring-type” playlist

  • All these challenges force the player to play a specific type of way. For example, getting 20 kills with a gnasher forces the player to use a gnasher specifically. If the player is not adept at using the gnasher, they will be a detrimental to the rest of their team. Now an argument can be made that the player can achieve this objective in horde. However, the player might not enjoy playing horde in the least bit, forcing the player to only play until the objective is fulfilled and then quit out. This hurts the horde players that want to keep a 5-man squad in their horde game. Same can be said about escape, campaign, versus, etc.

  • Capturing 5 rings forces a player to play a specific game type (koth or escalation) they may not enjoy, again causing the player to quit after achieving the objective. Or it causes horde and escape players to play multiplayer versus, and specifically koth or escalation whether they enjoy it or not. Even with early quit penalties being implemented neither of these players will care about their rank in a game type they do not enjoy.

  • Winning a game on a specific map encourages players to constantly quit until that map appears. This is already an issue with 7 maps. Imagine this objective when more maps are released.

  • Getting kills with specific characters forces players of all playlists (versus, horde, escape) to pick ONE specific character to accomplish ONE menial task.

  • Most of these can be generalized easily for a more enjoyable player experience!

    • Get 30 kills in any playlist (horde, campaign, versus)

    • Finish a versus game (no map requirement or win requirement [team based game - win requirements would not make sense])

    • Perform one (or X amounts) execution (works on any playlist. Works with any gun)

    • Use an emote

    • Down one (or X amounts) enemy (again works on any playlist and with most guns)

    • etc etc etc

  • Don’t make playing and progressing in the game you worked so hard on creating such a tedious job. Make it exciting and something to look forward to after players get off work, school, or whatever responsibilities they have.

  • I believe the challenges are too specific for daily activities because they’re forcing players to do things they don’t enjoy. Versus player playing horde. Horde player playing versus. Just for the sake of completing overly specific challenges. We can keep the challenges but make them more general to please all types of players. And if they wanted to add a specific challenge, they could do a weekly challenge that involved a more specific task to complete awarding in more stars than a daily for your tour.

  • Using other games as an example. Most have a “first win of the day” reward. It’s nice and simple. Play whatever mode you want. Use any character. Just win a game in the day. They’re intended as a daily challenge. Gears system revolves around rng currently. Some players (including myself) don’t have the time to kill 100 creatures. We want to turn on the game and play it how we enjoy it (whether it be campaign, horde, escape or multiplayer) This forces a re-roll which in turn is more rng. A re-roll can even give you the exact same objective. So now you’re forced to use in game currency for another re-roll. Which still does not eliminate the rng factor.

  • I hate to assume, but with the malpractices implemented in the game, I believe the specific Tour of Duty Challenges are there to entice people to re-roll objectives by using in game currency. Circling back to the Free to Play Model.

Ranking System

  • The point based ranking system encourages a point based play style in ranked. This means you are solely judged upon the amount of points you received during a match, whether you win or lose. For example , a player who sits back and hides in an execution playlist while his team is playing 4 on 5 can be rated higher than the players actively pursuing the power weapons and trying to gain weapon advantage to win the game. How so? The player who sat back can surprise a couple of players and maybe get a kill or two. Unless this player is able to kill the ENTIRE opposing team consistently every round, all these kills are meaningless because:

    • The player was not engaging in helping their team (again creating a 4v5)

    • Killing 1 or 2 people but losing the round means nothing in a “clutch” situation

  • Yet this player will gain drastically more points for hiding in different areas and getting maybe one or two kills than a player actively trying to help his team get weapon advantage but dying in the process without any kills. Say what you will but give me the active player trying to win the game over the deadbeat playing for points.

  • BUT it is not the deadbeat at fault. The design of the ranking system entices this type of play. It judges solely on the points a player earned. Win, lose, draw - the outcome does not matter as long as you are able to output enough points to gain a positive number by the end of the match.

  • I wanted to clarify that the player is not playing a support role. In higher play we jokingly called this a damage points role. It involves good positioning and projectile based weapon skills (lancer, pistol, hammerburst, etc) to aid the team. I’m speaking about a player blatantly playing a hide and seek game in hopes to sneak up on an enemy with the gnasher for a couple kills. For example they hide in a corner a few steps out of spawn or something along those lines. It’s not a helpful or winning playstyle but in the current ranking system it can be viewed as a more “valuable” playstyle netting you more points than players fighting for the power weapons (not just rushing head in but actively positioning around the more powerful weapons on the map and trying to gain control of it).

Ranking System Feedback

  • After completing a ranked match in Gears 5, you are awarded points on your performance. There is no other feedback! It does not explain how these points were earned or lost. It does not show how many points are needed to rank up. It does not show how many points can be lost to be demoted. There needs to be a dynamic ranking system that actively shows a players progression after every match.

  • In terms of the feedback on ranking, I understand post match it displays minus and plus values by rounds depending on your performance. But it does not clarify why I received minus points. Or why I received positive points. Nor does it show a progression to the next rank. It will just leave you hanging after a match. +30 points means nothing if you have no idea how many points you need to rank up. Or how close you are to being demoted. I view it in terms of a teacher assigning a grade but not telling you what a grade is out of. You received a 30. Ok? 30 out of what?

  • This can easily be remedied by telling players if you are within a certain range (1000-1500) you will be in silver 2. 1500-1600 you are considered silver 3. etc etc. Or implementing a progression bar that shows you getting closer to the next rank. Or just text saying X points needed until next rank.

Disclaimer: I am not a Gears of War hater by any means. I love the series. I have played it at all levels since Gears of War 1. From casually to hardcore. From horde to experiencing all the campaigns. I even played semi-professionally in Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3. I hate to see my favorite multiplayer franchise end like this but sadly these types of practices cannot be supported. I am not encouraging people to quit the game. I am encouraging the publisher and developers to support their loyal fanbase. I think all us gear heads should do the same.


A well thought out post.


Im just going to assume that you forgot to mention the optional cosmetic microtransactions fund free post launch content for the entire community.

You can buy the game and never have to spend another penny on it but still get years of post launch content for free in the form of maps, game modes, map builder implementation for horde/versus maps, Tour of Duty cosmetics, etc.

Funny how the anti-mtx crowd always forget to mention that.

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They should gave all the cosmetics for free, I mean the game costs 60 dollars or you pay xbox game pass to play it, The least that they should do its to offer the consumer base its free skins and weapons.

I would do that if I worked at the coalition, it would be a important matter to have the consumer base happy , Overall I need them to buy Gears 6 whenever its released.


I chose to leave out the 600 scrap and Iron from post launch on purpose because that was damage control for a shaky release on their behalf. I thoroughly enjoy the gameplay. This post is not solely about the MTX. I am not “anti-mtx” by any means. I did not say free to play games should not implement a system to earn money. However, as mentioned above, Gears 5 is not a free to play game, yet it is exploiting those practices.

Please do not get solely hung up on your mtx stance. Read further about the ranking system and tour objectives. Lay out your thoughts in a constructive matter and invite a conversation.


I can’t think of many games that offer years of free post launch content without having some form of alternate revenue.

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crying waiting for Gears UE Windows 10 to be fixed


thats not the problem. The problem is charging F2P prices for a Retail Priced game. A lot of people wouldnt have a problem and would probably spend more money if the prices were more reasonable.

And @D_A_N_III_3_L No, No you wouldnt because at the end of the day its a business and TC does need to make money to support the game after launch.


The coalition’s twitter page officially apologized and stated they were giving out the scrap and iron for their shaky launch.

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Oh, that one. I forgot even about that. Explains where all that scrap came from, I guess.

Im not sure what the 600 scrap has to do with anything I said. I was referring to the free post launch content for the community which includes the things I listed.

As far as Tour of Duty and challenges/medals go, I like most of the modes available so I don’t mind playing a specific mode to complete a challenge. None of the ones I’ve completed have been time consuming.
If you don’t like a specific modes than simply don’t complete the challenge. Thats not going to prevent you from completing the Tour of Duty.

Just what we wanted after that messed up launch…scrap


In that scenario I would prefer they took longer to produce the game , in a state which works perfectly and moreover they add more skins , maps and skill cards and charged me 100 dollars, than to release a barebones boring game which lacks all the latter and has microtransactions and costs 60 dollars for it.

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Beat 35 waves of horde for 3 stars is both time consuming and not worth the 3 stars


How so? The only way to earn Tour Progression is through daily challenges and Medals. The medals are perfectly fine in my opinion. They are a fun grind that do not contain any rng elements. The daily challenges are unnecessarily specific. They can be easily generalized to not incentivize re-rolling.


What everyone seems to forget is that every Gears game release with a small roster. You unlocked most of the characters in one way or another. Also Gears 4 had the most post launch content then any other Gears. While I do agree Gears 5 content isnt the best, there will be a lot of stuff to come. Also what you are basically saying is for $100 you would buy a game with no post launch support.

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Im a big fan of horde so I don’t mind that challenge but it can be done solo in a little over 20 waves, which doesn’t really take long in this version of horde.

A lot of people (myself included) don’t have the time luxury. Im a full time student with a part time job. I don’t expect to complete the tour objective fully. I do expect to get on and be able to progress it through playing multiplayer, which is what I enjoy playing. I don’t want to be forced to make a decision between playing horde to complete tedious tasks or what I prefer.
Gameplay and the daily tasks involved should be designed to be synonymous.


I agree 100% that the way gears 5 is handling microtransactions is awful.