Stat percentages are frozen

I’ve been stuck at Diamond 4 for KOTH at 84.01%. I have won at least 15 matches straight and havent went up a single percent. Play 1 match of TDM, win and it boosts me 3%. What’s going on TC??

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D5 is top 250 in the world. Play like you’re that good and you’ll get percent for it. I remember last season when I was stuck at 81% D4 in TDM for like 10 games. I would do well every game like 9-4 or 10-3 or something, but you really have to stomp way harder on the individual performances to get percentage quicker. It’s not just about the win.

I came back a couple days later performing like 15-2 in my games instead and got my percentage gains back. Just try not to get lazy while you’re playing with a stack because your individual performance will suffer. Gotta stay motivated every game.

I was master diamond last season and diamond for seasons 0-2. I drop 30+ kills almost every match and beat D5 teams.

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