Startup Positioning Suggestion

They should really make a change that puts the person with the best stats /rank# in the front position when you start a match and just continue down the line until the person with the worst stats/rank# is in the back.

I’m absolutely sick of being the best player on a team and being back spawn causing me to be late to all of the initials, especially when my teammates don’t go to power weapons for some reason.

Maybe this is a bit whiney but it is what it is lol


I don’t know if Gears 5 has this option still but Gears of War 4 had it so that during the rank lobbies you could swap spawns with a teammate. If the option to swap with someone was a bit more noticeable I think it would be better.


Yeah it’s still an option but people rarely want to give up their spot, especially for a back spawn. It’s really not reliable and not enough in my opinion. We need the players doing the heavy lifting to be on time for initials because an exceptional player will handle you if you’re even half a second too slow.

I just think everyone should spawn closer to each other and ghost through each other for the initial Spawn

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Gears 4 had some good features and better UI than 5.

I still dont get how these things didnt roll over.


They should go back to the old ways of spawning where everyone is bunched up. This new way makes even less sense with 4v4, because now there’s just 1 poor soul who spawns in the back.


yeah doesnt make sense why the spawns are in a bird formation when it could be a single straight line.


That’d look hilarious. I’m all for it