Startup Crash - Application Error 1000 - Exception Code C00005 - Steam PC

Thank God, I have this Startup Crash Blackscreen after launching the Game like this Link happened Two Years Ago

Crashing On Startup

I can play before one week Ago everyday, and I moved it from C Drive to the D Drive through Steam Library.

I had tried Re-install the Game and check the Game file completion on Steam and it shows 100% in Completion.

A Ticket has been Sent to TC.

Method I have tried: sfc /scannow, msconfig booting the service, using WinDbG to check the Code, but I don’t know how to fix.

I’m now very Frustrated that I can’t do anything unless I reboot my PC, which is massively a Waste of Time to me.

@GhostofDelta2 Feel free to Close the Thread if there’s No Response, Thank You.

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AMD or Nvidia GPU?

If Nvidia do you have geforce experience installed?

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Yes, with the latest Geforce Experience 466.27 Version, but it isn’t the problem that Occurs.

Oh Im not saying that is a problem, might give you a way to fix it

Can you change your settings for gears 5 through Geforce?

Its a longshot, but changing some of these values may help (Has for me with a different game in the past when it would crash while trying to launch)

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Thanks for your initial Help, but it doesn’t work for me.

I mean I don’t know how to fix the System Thing that related to the application (Startup) to the Game.

It crashes after launching the Game for 1-2 seconds and stop and automatically Stop. I tried the disabled Sound Card, but it doesn’t work.

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This may help (sorry if I waste your time, just trying anything I can think of/find)

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Umm…it seems complicated, which I found some Error during using the Method.

I think I need to Rebot the PC for the C Drive again, and move all the Files to D Drive at first and once it works.

I’ll tell the solution…it’s too Long to wait for TC Team to Response.

Anyway, thanks for your all Solution, but it doesn’t seem to a Fix on my Issue.

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I made a Day trying to Troubleshoot the Startup Crash. I found there’s Steam Initialization Failed on the File below:

  • Steam>steamapps>common>Gears5>GearGame>Binaries>Steam>Gears5.exe has No Response in Running as Administrator, the Gears5.exe is showing Unknown

  • Another is Steam>steamapps>common>Gears5>GearGame>Binaries>Steam>Gears5_EAC shows Steam Initialization failed after the Easy-Anti Cheated Set-up is done

which I think it’s the Issue that I have Startup crashing until Now no matter I reinstall the Game or Reboot the Whole Computer.

While waiting for the Response of the Ticket,

@TC_Sera @TC_Shauny Do you Guys have Current Solutions to solve this Problem because it happened since Launched ?

Thank You

You need to contact Steam Support for that one instead of Gears Support.

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Thanks for your Reply. However, I have 100% verify integrity of the Game Files through Steam, which shows that I don’t have missing file.

Steam cannot help to support Gears 5 Technical Problem because they are only a platform to give the Game including all of the Content provided from TC, they give the link about Xbox & TC for the Customer Ticket Service.

Because this Issue happened 1.5 years ago, I assume the Team have some experience dealing with this Issue, but it seems there’s No Way to track the Issue since I watched YouTube & Google about the Issue.

It’s kinda Weird because I can play every moment I like before I move it from C Drive to D Drive without any Apps or Window System Updated. I now cannot play because of the 2 second Startup crashing, no matter I reinstalled so much times, disabled sound card.

I have an issue error too when launching the game it’s a game security violation detected (#00000018h). It started happening right after I installed the new update for Operation 7.

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Good to Hear, the package from TC giving to Steam is Weird I can say. Also, there may be some Missing / Corrupted File that stupid steam cannot Detect even you have 100% verification of your Files.

This is one of my Worries that if GoW 6 has those Bugs like GoW 5, it sucks the whole Game even the Content is amazing. TC should have a High Quality Technical Problem Solving Team to Detect Bugfix as Quick as Possible. The current service is way a bit Slow.

I mean why I can’t Find any Solution about those error 1.5 years ago, so I can fix it by myself. However, still now I’m Worried if those people having these Issues, and they just quit the Game after TC give the Response to you.

Anyway, submit a Ticket & wait for the Response (literally waiting for a Month to get a Reply).

I…can play Now…such a Weird Thing.

I come back Now!

@GhostofDelta2 Help me Close The Thread.

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As you wish!

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