Starting to see a lot of max Re-UPS

If striving for max re up is the be all end all reason someone is playing this game, they need to go and see someone for help.

In gears 3 after hitting max re up, i continued to play because i liked it, i did not need a different colour font in a box next to my name or another weapon skin. All i chased for was the rush of skill kills.

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Good for you, but understand people play for different reasons. Most gamers have ADD when it comes to games anyway. They’ll play something for 2 hours, get bored, and go back to the same thing they’ve been playing for years. The OCD ones like me will not stop playing some games until I have every achievement. Different strokes and all that.


I chased for reups simply because I liked it >.>. See where this is going or are we all ignorant to everything but mindless pvp here?


If someones main reason to play any game is to level up and not to play the game they have something wrong with them.

There is nothing ignorant or arrogant about that statement.

You would not sign up to a marathon just to reach the finish line even more so after you start the race and realise you hate running.

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Good. The game’s been out for sixteen months, and the fact that most (if not all) max reups got there by spending countless hours farming ribbons and/or Incon Escape checkpoints is ■■■■■■■ lunacy.

How long would it have taken a PvP player to get there? A person who plays often but not higher difficulty PvE? Or someone who refuses to spend money on solution selling/time saver garbage?

■■■■■■■ wut? If anything it’s more inaccurate now. With old re-ups 30 you had at least had a good indicator that someone spent unholy amount of times in PvE. Current max-reup is a gamble if someone even understands the most basic ■■■■.

All these max reups in horde yet still drag around the fabricator to the opposite side of the taps

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I think someone who spends nearly a month of their life playing pve at a high level should probably be max re up.

And I’ve met high reup players who really aren’t great, and some that are terrific. Some people earn the levels playing a bit of everything, some only play one mode, some do clock runs. Its always a gamble.


All these re-ups still have no idea of the location where the fabricator should be in horde :rofl::rofl::rofl:
And when playing pvp some are just terrible :rofl::rofl::rofl:

A PvP player would never have gotten there. The amount of XP required to get to 30 alone was pretty staggering. 50 was just mind-blowing. If ALL you played was Versus, by the time you got to 50, if ever you did, Gears 8 would have been released at that point.


I don’t understand the hate on the new XP curve. The game is 17 months old now. After 17 months there absolutely should be a lot of people that hit max re-up. Not the 200 people that spent ungodly amounts of time(idle or not) to get there beforehand.

The real issue here is the original XP curve. They cannot use something like that for Gears 6.


People just seem to like seeing a high number… I dont get it.

In gow4 i had about 30 days of horde and 60 days of pvp and i was reup 13…

Here i have about 30 days of horde, maybe 3 days of pvp, and i am now reup 47…

Seems silly…

Well no not really because they have the all the numbers at their fingertips to know how many people would hit max re-up and what they were playing. As I’ve said before the guy with over 1400+ masters horde runs wasn’t re-up 50 or even close before the change. If you played versus you had no chance.

Was anyone actually level 50 who didn’t waste a massive portion of their game time not playing the actual game?

30 days of horde is a lot. How many masters finishes is that? I’m at 16 days with 90ish finishes and nearing 200 masters frenzy. I’m 43, seems about right compared and I’ve played nothing but Gears. People that use this forum and play a **** ton of gears isn’t really the marker of if this is too easy or not.


It’s not about time played. It’s about Ribbons.


It’s not about matches played either. It’s about Ribbons earned. In that case, one of them would have been me if I was Re 29 within 5 months and Re 50 within 6 months from release.

If a guy played a 1,400+ Master matches and not 50 already, that’s because they don’t earn 30 Ribbons every match like I used to in Op 1-2. When I stopped doing Escape because all heroes were maxed cards, every single 1-50 Master game on Exhibit as JD, Kait, Del were 30 Ribbons every match, giving 40,000 XP, meanwhile everyone else with low amount of Ribbons earned 20,000~, more or less. Huge difference.

At one point, I did 41-50 runs as JD on Exhibit, and I could still earn 30 Ribbons in 30 minutes, helping out other level up their characters fast. 30 mins quicker than 2 hours 1-50 game.

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Yes but that’s exactly my point it should have been possible just playing the game, without thinking of 41-50 runs and farming ribbons. Or if you just played versus. I’d rather they build a re-up system going forward where people play the actual modes and can finish it, I don’t care if that means more people get it. I’d rather have more lobbies of games rather than Surge runs.

Again not that I care if someone get’s it that way but a better indicator of where the current re-up system is would be from the data they hold and people that have got it playing without grinding the surge or whatever other farming existed.

Is there anyone here that was at 50 without it?

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I never paid any attention to ribbons, i never did anything for ribbons, etc… The closest i ever came was the last time we had some character xp boost i remember spending an hour on surge just running marcus into towards the safe roon, over, and over, to level him up… That was a long time ago…

Someone told me of somw ribbon thi g once, you guys will recogbize it, where you kill the forst guy and quit, in eacape? I tried it once and laughed: it was like 98% loading screens, yhe idea of doing that over and over, laugable to me…