Starting to see a lot of max Re-UPS

Came across 5-10 today already
Think it was a good move to give free RE-UPS to everyone? Im enjoying leveling up every game though

I think they should’ve left the re ups as they were and just buffed the XP.

The backdated stuff has boosted people far too high especially if they aren’t adding any more re ups. I think if you were mid 20s pre this you’ll be pretty much max now. Rather boring.


You could always use a smurf account and start over.

The things people think are thread worthy :woman_shrugging:


And lose all the progress you also made leveling classes and skills, whatever other stuff you also had on the profile, …

Doesn’t sound like such a great idea to me.

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Me neither.

OP said he liked leveling up though.

To each their own

Who decides what’s thread worthy though? forums are for people to post what’s on their mind and what they’d like to discuss.




Common sense?

Name one point to the thread that is constructive?

He’s asked us if we think what they’ve recently done with the re ups is a good idea . Simple enough question to me to start a discussion if people wish.

Maybe a more general discussion topic if we wanna get all anal about it.


We have threads already.

Just strikes me as someone hating on max reups.

I mean logically some people should eventually reach max. After how long in a games lifespan does that shock people?

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Well I was only Wings 3 or 4 by the end of 4 lol… but I also was as anti-PVE as I was here until Op 5 lol

I get what you’re saying tho.

I still think they will add more Op 6 or 7 (more likely 7 since 6 is so close and they just did this) when they can add more achievements just cause they have the leaked Heroic Myraah we don’t know anything about yet, plus many other people they could do now.

Edit: lmao nvm just seen the TWIG… 40k is steep yes, but just buying is still defeating the purpose of that group… lmao smh

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Hahaha Re-up 10 baby and I haven’t touched the game in a month! On my way now

I think they will add levels as well.

I never hit wings 5. But wings were pretty well considered max in Gears 4. Anything over that was considered playing video games too much.


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Yeah I’m a non re-up to.

Only person to spend more time on forums than in-game.


I think the re ups more accurately represent the amount of time spent playing now. I’ve played around 20 days of horde and escape, mostly on master, and it got me to re up 45.

Its a good change imo.


Also it’s more realistic for those that just play versus I guess. They would’ve had no chance before. Plus to get there it shouldn’t be about grinding the same thing over and over or exploits. It should be about playing the game modes.

In that respect I agree it’s much more realistic. I haven’t hit max and I had no intention of ever bothering until now.

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Need to kill time at work my man!

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Yup, I was about 22/23 and went up to 45 close to 46. I agree that the rewards for reupping had to be adjusted badly, but doubling in reups just feels… undeserved and weird.

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It won’t when they raise the max to 75 or 100.

Yea I was 18 before the update and I only played PVP until this Op. So I get what you’re saying. I have gotten into Horde finally but I got my Venom Gnasher and am 120k away from my Lancer (19 takes 100k if I remember right from getting my gnasher, used the 4x xp what little time I could and got my Combat Medic from level 10 to 60 out of 80k on 18)

Prob only 2 Venom guns I’m going to bother with tho, with Ascendant and the expensive Crystal I might eventually get down the road, kinda pointless now lol I finished all the maps on Frenzy anyway, guess I’ll keep that trend with new maps for however many remaining Operations but yea.