Starting Rifles

Can we please get back to the design of having multiple rifles available as a loadout weapon? Gears of War 3 managed to balance this, so why can’t Gears 5? I understand that in Gears of War 4 it became a problem later during the release that the Hammerburst was being used to snipe across the map. So the solution was…to remove it from the loadout?

Now, the Lancer is drastically overpowered (even after the most recent re-balancing effort). This speaks to a problem that has been present for the Gears 4 and 5, and that is that The Coalition struggles balancing the weapons so that they work in multiplayer. This can be seen in many aspects of Gears 5 and that their solution to fix the hammerburst was to remove it…rather than just fix it.

Gears of War 3 had three rifles and two shotguns readily available to players to shake things up. Now somehow we’ve reverted to just the Lancer and Gnasher. It speaks to TC’s skill as a developer that features and options have shrunken considerably in this regard as well as others.


I wouldn’t say that the lancer is drastically overpowered, since it’s the weakest in the series.

I did enjoy the weapon variety of gears 3 and 4, but those games never quite struck a perfect balance between the rifles, with gears 3 being the most imbalanced imo.

It would be cool to see this down the road, but I think the lack of characters and maps is a more pressing issue.

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Even if its the “weakest in the series”, all the nerfs to movement and map design that promotes lancer play and camping make it strong, but they use the “Weakest in the series” argument to ignore those aspects.
Hammerbust and enforcer are BARELY used at all because no one wants to waste their time picking the weapon up instead of rushing other weapons, and people that use them have to wait for them to spawn.

Every good aspect of Gears games has been stripped away or destroyed so I hope that in a year or two, when the game is decent, all those things they took away get back into the game to finally make it as fun as it should be.


Blame to the -Only Gnasher matters- players.
Those were the ones who asked for removed the hammer bust back in 4 and almost remove enofrcer too. so, obviously no love for hammy in 5.

I really hope that at some point Hammerbust will become at least a pickup weapon since it’s non existent.


The point is that once you’ve expanded to something you don’t just erase it to fix the problem. As previously said the Hammerburst and Enforcer are basically nonexistent because they don’t hold up to any of the other weapon pickups and honesty they don’t really hold up to the Lancer. Although overall bullet power may be down I’m curious was the fire-rate, spread, and stopping power look like in comparison. Also mentioned is how the layouts of cover now support very powerful crossing lanes.

Whether they want to call it the “weakest in the series” the only thing that comment really pertains to is that comment is Gears 5 itself for content, features, and overall polish. Let’s also not forget the heightened aim-assist that they make the same claim for. Regardless, you don’t remove features. You balance them and build around them to make them fair. TC was incapable of this which speaks to their expertise as developers.

I would get 100% behind this OP. I love the choice in 3.

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Exactly… And they are kinda responsible for the nerfed Gears 5 lancer

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Node said he was looking into it because I told him it’s not on any maps at all…so we will see.

This. A very ignorant move and big middle finger to fans of the weapon from TC.


I’m not a fan of the movement changes or map design either, which is why I don’t consider the lancer to be the real problem, especially given how truly weak it is in comparison to the other games.

I don’t care for the super campy gameplay, especially in tdm, so I feel like we mostly agree on this. I don’t like one weapon gameplay, I prefer a good mix of support and offense, and I feel like the game is too support heavy atm.


They were definitely not balanced at all



For gods sake yes! Tired of playing with lancer and gnasher. Same loadout from gears 1…we atleast need the hammerburst. This kills a very big part of the game for me. It gets very repetitive and stale using the same play style and rifle over and over and over. I want the option to master different weapons.

Bring back the hammerburst! There’s no reason not to have the HB as a loadout weapon. Why do we even have the option to choose a loadout weapon when nothing there exists!?

I say the lancer is at a good spot , not to strong but not to weak

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I’d argue that starter and power weapons were more balanced than they are in their current state in Gears 5.

The only rifle I would actively hate on Gears 3 was the Retro because of it’s ability to be manipulated to eliminate the recoil. Even with modded controllers I never had much of an issue with the Hammerburst. It was already stated before that the maps were part of the balancing act and well.

The only thing I can say for certain is that I never had so many matches devolve into these rifling stalemates with the Lancer until Gears 4 and 5. Every now and then you’d see full teams lock it down in Gears 5, but it’s a common occurrence now. If I have to play in such a boring manner at least give me some damn variety. Regardless, I’d much rather take the flaws of Gears 3 than 5.