1. 3 round 5 man KOTH
  1. No grinding.

Make the sniper sound like this.

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4 player co-op (it won’t happen)
Ship with 15 maps. 10 new, 5 legacy, we have only had ONCE before :+1: then over coming years, go back to map packs every 3/4 months, maybe 4 at a time, 2 new, 2 legacy.
Solid 20 hour campaign.
Horde 5.0 to contain EVERY enemy so far and some new ones of course.
Overrun 2.0
Beast 2.0
Maybe a new Escape
…that will do for starterd, unlikely I know, but you said Wish list :wink:


Let me add the ability to choose which ones we want to spawn… or don’t want to have spawn in.


Gears of War 6 Wishlist Thread

These are all the things I would like. Im sure alot of other people would like some of these things as well.

  1. I would like a more consistent multiplayer experience. By that I mean I would like TC to stick to a general tuning for the MP as opposed to changing it every other week. I would still like to see balancing changes if needed, but I feel as though Gears 5 Multiplayer was constantly being changed with different buffs/nerfs too often.

  2. New maps. I think we all love the classic maps from Gears past, but I feel as though TC relies too heavily on fan favorites as opposed to making new ones. Which I find strange because while I have my fair share of complaints with TC, they have made some pretty decent maps. Make new fan favorites as opposed to constantly re-hashing checkout for the umpteenth time.

  3. Challenge based unlocks that dont have a time limit. You could still have some limited time challenges for certain cosmetics but I’d like to see a general list of cosmetics that are unlocked through gameplay that can be unlocked at any time based on your willingness to complete them.


High ping would no longer have the advantage


There’s 2 things I wish for Gears 6

  1. The Lancer GL Assault Rifle shall forever be called “The Freedom Lancer”



Not to be really disappointed.

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More new maps with interactive features. Like the trains in Asylum, the forge in forge…reactor would have been a great map for something interactive. And no more gridlock or foundation.


“No more gridlock!”

TC: Best we can do is gridlock night

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I think you mean clocktower

I think you mean Blood Drive

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Cant argue with that :smirk:

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offline accessibility and progression, even if xp is at a 90% reduction

I mainly hope they return to the path established in gears 5 and polish it in 6, I say this more than anything because, although I would not know whether to classify 5 as a resounding failure, it is not what they expected, and companies sometimes tend to totally deviate from the path who they go to when something goes wrong, like they slam on the brakes and take steps back, it’s not that 5 doesn’t have good things, it’s that the bad things are too noticeable and invasive, but the base mechanics, mobility, options like dropping a weapon and being left alone with a pistol, knife executions, that white bar that tells you when an active reload is available, all the CQC, etc. should continue as in 5, tc has known how to expand the mechanics of the base gears in an excellent way Unlike epic with judgment, right, and I wouldn’t like it if they decided to take away all the good things that the game had in 5 because of a misstep, and return us to something with mechanics at the level of gears 2/3, okay, will be iconic and what but comparing them to 5 feels very limited what you can do other than just shoot, 5 is the way to go on the evolution of the mechanics of the franchise

… but yes please make chainsaw / retro charge work again by holding b … and also make executions return to y, and keep the knife, but maybe with a special command you can make us hit hard with the weapon like we did before(? Idk, I guess they know what they’re doing, they’ve had good ideas like knife executions at 4 and CQC at 5, so I’m confident they’ll do it right

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Just to irritate you, I hope it is never called the “freedom Lancer” and instead is called “Our Freedom Lancer”. Where the ammo is shared with all your teammates and every time you fire a rocket, the Lancer GL teleports to another teammates hands so they get a turn with it.

Remember, its not YOUR Freedom Lancer, it’s OUR Freedom Lancer.


Gridlock Windfare

I like this idea, could be a new game mode. When anybody gets a kill everyone swaps guns.