Starter items still locked?

Post is same as title - Starter items still locked?

Hey, so… I’m not sure if this a re-occurring bug, or if it’s something relating to not playing the game for a long time, but. While a great majority of items from the old seasons are now finally purchasable again… Some items remain locked, despite making little sense…

For example.

The Lancer - Gears 2 Curbstomp.
Lancer - Behead
Lancer - Gutted

Gnasher - Gears 2 Curbstomp.
Gnasher - Gutted
Gnasher - Behead

Snub - Pummel
Snub - Armed and Dangerous

Boltok - Armed and Dangerous

Breaker Mace - Chopping Block

Talon - Armed and Dangerous

Now, these are just the executions. Some of them are labeled as ’ Essentials. ’ And ’ Starter. ’ Yet, despite that, they remain unpurchasable.

As for characters… (Atleast, the ones I know.)

Lizzie - Zombie Lizzie Motorpool. (don’t recall name. it doesn’t even show up in my skins list.)
The Speaker - Blood Red Speaker.
Locust Drone - Thrashball Drone
Karn - Heroic Karn. (Maybe it’s a re-up reward, don’t actually know for this one.)
Kantus - Armored Ronin Kantus (Weirdly no normal armored kantus in the game??)

As for weapon skins… ( Only gonna do lancer, and just say as a bundle since i’m not insane enough to go through every single weapon skin in the whole game, yet. )

Lancer - Snake
Lancer - Smoke
Lancer - Pink Phantom
Lancer - Target Monitor. ( It says it’s a bundle, yet, not for sale or something? )
Lancer - Space Race. (Re-up skin, but just thought it looked cool.)
Lancer - Relic
Lancer - Island Glow Teal
Lancer - Island Glow Orange
Lancer - Island Glow Green
Lancer - Frigid Blast
Lancer - Riftworm Heart.

And that’s everything I decided to cover for now.


This was a Halloween event reward.

Reward for reaching General (Op 2 I think). Thus wont be available.

Event reward


General reward.

All of the Island Glow ones were event rewards.


There is still other legit store content missing. Just saying.

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I went over the ones that I was aware of, sadly. I don’t understand why some of them just aren’t available.