Started to enjoy it, but it lost me

I was enjoying the game up until Act 1 Chapter 6.
3 out of 4 soldiers are required characters, and if any one of them dies in the Brumak fight, you have to restart the fight.
One of the most unfun things for me is having to play the same fight multiple times.
I’d much rather let one or two of my soldiers permanently die than replay a battle multiple times.
After several failed attempts having someone get downed and then blown up, I uninstalled the game.
I’m sure there are a lot of people that like that kind of gameplay, stretching out gameplay hours by repeating battles, but it isn’t for me.


It is odd to me that you levy your own failing as a criticism of the game.

Assuming you’re playing on normal, just split the squad and position them at opposite ends of the area. Take turns shooting the boss (the missile AoE is small enough that it only takes 1 action to avoid), and plant grenades where the emergence holes are going to be, they don’t change.

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It’s odd to you that someone would dislike a design decision?
Having mission fail states where any one of 3 out of 4 characters dies is a design decision.
They could have designed the game so that you can let people die but continue, or they could design the game so that you can’t have a required character die.
They chose a third option, where you have required characters and they can die, forcing a mission restart.
As I mentioned there are people like you that may enjoy that kind of gameplay, where you can have 30 minutes or more of progress wiped and you are asked to redo it, but I do not.

Strategy games are an acquired taste.


I get the feeling you’re one of those people who gives a game a 1 star review because it’s too hard.

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That’s why I started on Beginner. So I can train myself for a higher difficulty. The Brumak fight was a little tough, but fun. You have to strategize and figure out which way you want him facing before the enemy turn begins. I agree that it kinda sucks when missions require Gabe, Sid, and Mikala. Meaning 3 out of 4 of your troops have to survive the fight. And if Cole is with you, everyone has to survive. lol.

Failing and trying again isn’t a new concept. Have you not played a single player game before?

I have only done a playthrough on beginner and enjoyed it. I never failed a mission, but can imagine the difficulty spike on higher difficulties.

Of course, and single player games can be designed in a number of different ways.
For example, you can have a single player game that has check points, one that restarts the entire level when you die, or permadeath and you have to restart the entire game.
Some people like to play a game, finish it, and move on to another game, while others enjoy spending 100’s or 1000’s of hours mastering a single game.
Neither side is more right than the other, I am just in the former category.
I don’t enjoy repeating battles over and over that I’ve already played, while some others do.
There are similar games to this one that have design decisions that solve for this, for example, darkest dungeon has permadeath, but if even one party member survives, you can complete the mission.
Another option, like Xcom, is to have the option to play with or without permadeath (iron man mode), which I really like because it doesn’t exclude either side.
I think the problem is some people (developers included) think there is only one “correct” way to play a game, which is very narrow minded, IMO.