Start round with your gun

When you die at the end of a round you restart without the guns you bought from fabricator and the same amount of points.
When playing with certain classes that don’t start with any decent primary i.e. marksman it is more or less impossible to complete certain waves like boss waves as you don’t have enough ammo in all 3 guns put together to kill 2 or 3 bosses.
Either change all the classes to make sure all of them have an AR or you shouldn’t loose your guns if you die and not get respawned back in.

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That is the point though, there should be some penalty for fully dying.


Why if you die should it be even harder the following round? That makes no sense.
The penalty is that you need to restart the hole wave.

GG there friend.
But yes that is, imho, part of the penalty.
You can also die while your team wins the wave.

Why not die at the start?? U know, just after putting ur weapon on a locker🤔

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Hey don’t give people ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its not something i tend to do but i thought this was common knowledge… ?

What no of course not, why would you ever think that :wink:

Gonna guess op was a demo and just bought a gl and died🤷‍♂️

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No you’re already being punished by restarting the wave. Horde doesn’t work on a checkpoint system like the campaign.
Basically you’re forced not to play marksman unless your playing iron man.

Wait what ?
The marksman starts out with a markza and a boltok and the critical hit bonus works for both.
What exactly is the problem here ?

No I was a marksman actually like it said in the post

If you need a (cheap) Longshot, that is really on you.

If you need a (cheap) Longshot, that is really on you.

Your logic is that as punishment you should respawn with weapons that have low ammo capacity that is impossible to complete the wave with so you have to constantly die with no ammo?

There is points where you can be really unlucky with the bosses spawned.
That does in no way change my point, you can do fine with a Markza and a Boltok as Marskman.
Yes it ain’t as fun as a longshot, but you already failed, do you want the game to hand you your Inconc win on a platter.
Be happy you get that new chance and make the best out of it ?
(I personally hate the markza, but if needed I will use it any time)

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You are completely swaying my point. It is impossible to complete more or less every single double boss round with a marksma, longshot and boltok.
If the game isn’t going to give you sufficient (Not good but just enough to complete a wave) then it mite aswell not offer the ability to restart in the first place.

Its like a racing game that each time you loose the race it give you 25% reduction is full (Gas) making it harder each time you fail to the point where it only give you 10% of a tank which isn’t even enough to complete the race.

My point it is absolutely possible.
No one said it is easy.

No its imposible. I am a really good aim (Which is why I place marksmen) hitting hit head shots most of the time and critical hitting the bosses more or less all the time. Including the ammo pick ups 30 plus the clip of a marksma, 12 longshot bullets and 36 boltok bullets isn’t no where near enough to complete double boss waves.

Ok I’m curious, which racing game lets you redo the track online if you didn’t win ? Yeah offline sure but online is the point here.

Agreed, that is why it is a team game… Marksman have their part, I don’t tbe see issue still.