Star Wars argument thread - OG Thrawn is the best character

I feel like I’m the only Star Wars fan in the entire world that wants a series or game that is in an alternate timeline or parallel dimension where order 66 doesn’t happen and we instead get an evil version of the galactic rebel alliance and an evil Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, Obi-wan and evil Yoda.

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There was a cut star wars game that actually had concepts of a “Redeemed Anakin”, it looked dope. it was Anakin brought back to the light right after Episode 3 so he still is young and not as corrupted.

I don’t care about Anakin, I only cared about the troopers.

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We kinda had some of that in the force unleashed games. Wasn’t the best of video games, but it had an alright story that was better than pretty much the last 2 Star Wars movies.

I don’t remember the empire being protagonists in TFU games.

TFU1: Vader grabbed starkiller when he was a child. Starkiller is part of the empire. You can choose your ending (light/dark). If you kill Vader, you become the apprentice of the Emperor, which leads into DLC. Half the game, the empire are the protagonists.

TFU2: You’re cloned by Vader, and again, are part of the empire. The game ends differently than the first game, but if you continue into the DLC, you take over as the “evil” star killer & hunt down Jedi Leia.

Perspective shifts and sides change, but there is quite a bit of time spent with the empire, which would technically make them the protagonists.

I didn’t even realize TFU had that much depth to it when I played those games and always thought they only had one ending.

Then again, I was still relatively young back then as well and perhaps didn’t care as much or notice, as opposed to just being the big powerful guy slaughtering my enemies(well, except for the poor Wookies at the start of the first one where you temporarily control Vader).

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Yea, it was meant to be a hack & slash game first and foremost, but there was a story there. It kinda jumped around and got more wacky in the DLCs, but it was good fun at a time when we needed more/better Star Wars games.

Umm no he wasn’t part of it because Vader was keeping him a secret from the emperor so no the empire were not the protagonists and were your enemies for the majority of the campaign (excluding the non canon DLC) Also the endings are optional and are the end of the main campaign.

We never got a full on game 100% dedicated to being the empire and a trooper (not gonna count Battlefront 2005 because that wasn’t a true campaign but rather glorified offline multiplayer with bots)

Never said this. It’s why I said “a bit of time is spent with the empire.” And considering Starkiller is taken as a child and is raised (whether in secret or not, doesn’t matter) by Vader for a long portion of his early life, he serves the empire. It doesn’t matter if anyone else knew because he and Vader thought he served the empire. Also, when introduced to Juno, she believes him to be a part of the empire.

More importantly, It doesn’t matter if certain DLCs were canon or not… there are choices in the game that allow you to hunt Jedi & act on behalf of the emperor after you kill Vader, so like I said, even tho perspectives shift, starkiller does serve the empire at various points in both games.

You can’t deny something just because you don’t see it that way. These things happened in the game, therefore he served the empire. It doesn’t matter how it things flip flop or don’t line up (or aren’t considered the “real” ending to the first game), he served the empire for a long time, plotted out loud to Vader that the 2 of them would overthrow the emperor. I’m sorry, but secret apprentice or not, he was a part of team dark side.

(Btw, if you wanna start talking canon, we can discuss the fact that all the extended universe novels and everything that used to be canon got dropped once Kathleen Kennedy got her hooks in the franchise, so if we’re gonna be literal here about what’s canon in the game and what isn’t, we can look at the bigger picture of what’s REALLY canon and what isn’t. And there’s quite a lot that is not canon that very much should be)

Oh boy you have no idea what you’ve stepped into since now you’re challenging me on this :laughing: alright then first off like I said earlier no he does not serve the empire or the emperor, what a dumb sense of logic to use by saying that he “thought” he did when Vader made it very clear to him “The Emperor cannot discover you, leave no witnesses kill everyone aboard…imperials and Kota’s men alike”

Why would he kill imperials if they were on the same side during the campaign? The only time where you have imperials as allies is the prologue mission with Vader on Kashyyk and the non canon Hoth DLC mission based on the evil ending. Other than those two missions the empire serves as antagonists throughout most of the campaign.

Secondly when it came to hunting down Jedi in the story you had no imperial backup because once again you are Vader’s SECRET APPRENTICE because the Sith followed a very strict rule called the rule of two where only one master and one apprentice can be around at the same time otherwise any attempt at violating this would be seen as treachery (to which Palpatine made very clear when he found out about Star Killer)

Thirdly…deny what exactly? The false narrative that you’re spewing out regarding the game? Of course I’m gonna deny it because you’re spreading misinformation based on illogical fallacy. It’s almost as if you didn’t actually play the game at all. As for canon lore yes this game was originally canon excluding the DLC because Star Killer was the original guy that helped start the rebel alliance and you clearly see this in the light side ending. Only now it’s no longer canon thanks to Disney taking over the franchise and making several retcons.

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Ok guy, whatever. I’m not trying to battle someone who clearly values ignoring facts in trying to win some silly argument. Since you can’t understand that the secret apprentice grew up (living at least 15-20 years) serving under Vader and the empire (which is obviously not shown in the game but it clearly points that out to you when time jumps from vader grabbing Galen/starkiller as a kid to his training at the beginning of the game) and that the emperor knew about him the whole time THEN recruits him if he kills Vader, well then, I got nothing more to respond to you with. You clearly know the game and all of its events better than the devs who made it!

Secondly, I never said THE WHOLE GAME revolves around serving under the empire. I said perspectives shift and sides change, but technically starkiller did serve the empire. You’re the one who obviously can’t comprehend what’s being written here and you’re the one with the obvious agenda to have a skewed narrative. You wanna ignore what’s being written and try to insult? Yea, I’m done wit you. Besides, you’re the one tryin to bark what’s canon and what isn’t (in a video game) when the game itself literally isn’t canon in the extended universe! If it happened in the game, guess what… in the context of the actual game, it happened! Smh…

And the rule of two… so I guess Vader didn’t serve the empire when it was him and Palpatine, just like when it was Dooko & Palpatine, or Maul & Palpatine. Yea, they weren’t part of the empire, cause the rule of two, right? Secret or not, doesn’t matter.

Next thing I bet you’re gonna try to say is how the Last Jedi was a cinematic masterpiece, that had the best choreography, storytelling and all that other nonsense that sequel trilogy apologists love to say.

I’m done responding to you.

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Let’s not forget the infamous Star Destroyer sequence.

It’s been so long I don’t evenhave an accurate memory of it, but records appear to state it was a royal pain in the backside.

Also, I would like to know if @GhostofDelta2 is responsible for this title about Thrawn.

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But it was so artistically done.


Ignoring facts? Why don’t you actually check the scene again this time. What’s there for me to lie about exactly? smh

Oh you’re gonna go there with me and claim that I like the garbage sequel trilogy? Lmao you’re just like that other dude on the forum that did the same and looked idiotic for doing that :laughing: jokes on you if you seriously believe that I like the “sequels” that are actually just a terrible remakes / rip offs on the original trilogy.

“Ok guy whatever. I’m not trying to battle someone”

Buddy that’s what you’ve been doing the whole time, ain’t my fault you have a faulty memory on what happened in the game.

Just my 2 cents but RivalSky6321907 is correct. Starkiller was a secret project of Darth Vader and was never part of the empire.

Didn’t Han Solo commandeer the starship enterprise or something?


‘OG Thrawn’ sounds like the gt of someone who holds A at you on sight.