Star number for Tour of Duty 5

… just in case anyone’s not just scrolled all the way to the end to check it anyway.

676 stars required to finish General for the ugly as sin Lambent RAAM, unless mistaken or misremembering.


Thanks Wall, I was wondering about this :slight_smile:

I noticed that too. Wasn’t it high 500s last OP?

Also, I WILL have all the Lambent skins equipped, for obvious reasons… ugly or not, haha

636 or there about. I dont know the exact number and will be a bit off but it was in that ballpark

Weird how they added more steps to General, but the content seems about the same. I guess just more coins on offer in the Tour then?

Not sure.

Well gives me something to do. I’m not all that keen on the rest of the stuff. I usually do my tour first.

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Just to clarify how I got to this number : I had progressed through a few ranks already when I scrolled all the way to General and the number of stars shown to be needed for the unlock was 636. So I went back and counted the stars of already completed ranks(5x4[20] + 6x3[18] + 2 of a started rank, equaling up to 40) and added that to 636.

Give a margin of error for if I did anything incorrect.

I just manually added them all up using the Gears 5 Rewards website. Definitely 676.

Ignore me, I can’t read clearly.

No, no, nothing wrong with your post as it refers to the last OP.

Although I think I may have counted the stars for it too or at least gone to a rough estimate, I don’t know it off the top of my head. Time to go digging.

I quickly edited it, I had thought you said this OP was 676 and 636 and I got confused.

Yeah, ok. I have actually counted the stars for Op 3s Tour and not Op 4s, so I can’t give a number for Tour 4 either.

And since the system refuses to let me create a new post, if anyone is curious here’s a link :

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