Stained Glass Extras

When are these earnable again?

It it follows the esports reward pattern then most likely never. To get those you had to watch pretty much every single esport stream for the past 3 months.

Are you sure? Previous points went to the Overture skins.
I think these are new going forward. the next set of points.

Yep, points were for overture skins but this extra were for top points.

“At the end of the quarter, the top scoring users on the leaderboard will receive special in-game rewards!”

  • 2000 points or more > Stained Mark
  • 3000 points or more > Stained Mark + Banner
  • 4000 points or more > Stained Mark + Banner + Blood Spray
  • 5000 points or more > Stained Mark + Banner + Blood Spray + Esports Broadcaster Banner
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I watched the esports quite generously. It was Sundays and Mondays. Even at that I got 2500 points. I didn’t see any notifications or advertisements for more esports events to even get to 5000 points. In fact there is no way. I know people cheated with open browsers.

There were 7 weeks of streams on sunday and monday plus the occasional one on wednesday. You got 100 points per hour plus the quests so I think the numbers add up if you saw them all.

I found out by the end of the season, grabbed about 800 points.

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