Stacks stacks stacks

Why am I playing nothing but stacks? I play solo. Come on.

This game is worse today than it was 2 days ago. Honestly don’t even feel like playing it anymore.


I think COD4 used to have a playlist specifically for solo players. Like “TDM Solo” or something. No parties, no chat.

It’s not even just that I’m playing stacks but the teammates I’m given are level 40 potatoes. I knew their stupid level 30 restriction was going to be useless for ranked.

If they would give me good teammates I wouldn’t even care.


Yeah. Skill based matchmaking has never worked because the algorithm to calculate skill is impossible to implement successfully.

I mean, in OP2 my random team beat a stacked clan in an Escalation match. Which should not happen.

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Why not a Re-Up 1 Restriction? Really force players to get used to it before they play. Especially considering Re-Up 1 can be done in a day.


That’s what I think it should be. Level 30 is not enough time to be competent.

I even had a level 27 who was with someone. He of course ended up at the bottom of the team with 12 elims in a 3 round KOTH.


Especially in Ranked.

Idk how the Ranking system can’t account for a simple K/D ratio.

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The level restriction is only there to slow down duplicate accounts. There are plenty of high re-ups who are bad at PvP and I see you thinking of replying with a snarky comment @Buster_McTunder so I will cut you off and say it’s me. I am an unskilled re-up 15.

Don’t worry I’m only a poor Onyx 1 with 15 Re-Ups… I mean 11 in Gears 4 and 4 in Gears 5, but it still counts. It’s the most I’ll get.

I am Onyx 3 with no proof because the ranked rewards are bugged :cry:

I bet you are better than 12 elims in 3 rounds of KOTH :grin:

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You would lose that bet. My skill varies from match to match. Sometimes I have 80 elims in 3 rounds and sometimes I have 12.

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12 Elims in 1 Round is a bad game for me.

Whenever I solo, I’m either 3rd place on the losing team or I carry to MVP Victory. If I play with Teammates I’m too busy carrying and my buddy gets MVP or we lose and my buddy is last place and I’m highest of the losing team.

US? Because I am always looking to add teammates.

Good old West Coast summertime California. I’m unable to play as of right now but I’ll see when I come back.
Most everyone I played with did delete Gears 5 though, I’ve just kept it because of my Lancer Replica and 5 Terabytes of space.

Mercenary. Gears 3 had it too.

Right! I don’t recall it in Gears 3 because my memory of that game is fuzzy.

We would be on the same server then. I’ll add you.

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I’ll see if I care enough for OP4 to pay for my Gold again.

Just steal some from this guy. I’m assuming you know him given your name.

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