Stacks need to go

If you are queuing with more than two you should be forced to a separate team queue. Its ridiculous that I am always playing against stacks that mind you always want the lancer heavy maps Icebound, Bunker, ect. Then on my team I have guys doing nothing except feeding them kills and then of course I lose ranking points because I can only nab a few kills that game. It’s absolutely amazing how TC managed to ruin an entire franchise with several bad decisions. They cant play the game at all except streams there is no way I will believe that they are playing the same BS we are and saying this is good.


Use LFG, theres always people looking for a team. Stacks have always been in Gears, People didnt just start playing together with Gears 4. Yea it sucks to play solo because it seems you always get the bottom of the barrel for teammates.

But if your tired of going up against stacks then you have 2 options.

  1. play quickplay because you can only have up to 3 people


  1. use LFG, discord or even here people are always looking for players

Yeah, the matchmaking is completely broken in this game. I play teams of 3/4 quite a bit. Even when they’re not individually good players, it still makes it tough if you’re solo. Doesn’t help the game will give you the absolute worst randoms they can find.


I am aware that stacks aren’t new however the difference between then and now is you could fight a stack as am individual and still win if you knew how to play. You could carry teams. Not the case anymore in gears 5 so if TC is unwilling to fix the game and make it a team shooter like it’s some glorified overwatch then stacks need to be separated.

I play every game solo the solo player is being left behind in favor of watered down “fair” game play. When the design philosophy should be get good or lose. Not hey get 4 more for am easy win. It’s a shooting game it should be balanced and tuned for individual performance and not teams. This ■■■■■■ design philosophy is also validated by the horrible team scores and not individual performance of the individual.


I think what makes playing against a stack in this game much worse is the fact that maps like Bunker/Icebound are in rotation.

Any map that has a hard win condition like Reclaimed are also pretty tough against a stack but those 2 take the cake.

Kinda wish the’d just Overpass those two out of rotation but we already don’t have that many maps as is so that’s extremely unlikely.


The biggest issue with solo play is no communication. Either your teammates are in a party with their friends or just dont have a mic.

If you cant communicate with your team theres not much hope

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Playerbase is too small to implement a system where it would seperate stacks from solo players. Stack players will be waiting for years to get into a match.

Make friends online, it’s not that hard. I’m sure if you would ask people here to send you a friend invite, some would.


I dont doubt that I know I can always find people to play the game with. Overall there is a decent helpful community here so I know that always an option. Hell a few people have reached out in the past and offered to squad up and that’s cool. Just kind of venting I guess, I’ve played a lot of games in my day I guess I am just annoyed by developers who force team work for success. That is not balance that is relying on other people. It’s like balance your damn games towards the individual and even team games will flow smoother.

Funny you should say that because literally wrote this post after an god awful game on Icebound. Stacks always overwhelmingly vote this map. And always there is atleast one who stays downstairs at the base of the stairs and then another who hides up top in that tower the entire game and does nothing at all while the last few people on the team are being crossed and it’s just a miserable experience. I cant fight an entire team anymore. They have neutered this game so you can maybe take out one or two if your gameplay and latency are on your side. Other than that it’s just a one way stomp and it’s not fun.

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Well that’s a given and there’s no real arguing against that but they could still do better to limit top side advantage like what’s seen on those maps now.

It’s mostly dependent on the game type because having high side control for a brief moment in Execution doesn’t matter as much compared to a respawn mode. I actually like Icebound a lot for Execution, especially with snipe present on the map.

The problem comes when a team wins high-side and essentially plays chicken; sits on their lead, with very limited counter play available to their opposition. Whether or not the players are in a stack here, doesn’t matter. It’s a sticky situation for anyone involved but obviously someone would stand a better chance if your team is actually working and making coordinated pushes together.

To be clear, I’m not advocating against stacks or teaming at all . I’m advocating against the map design that gives them an incentive for an 'EZ 'victory.

The only actual ‘nerf’ to stacking (really everyone) I’d recommend is being able to see the enemy players names on the map while spectating a teammate they’re not actively engaged with. Your team already gets the information of where/when and how the player died and whatever the dead player wants to tell them when it happens.

I definitely abuse this too but giving a dead player the ability to continue to make accurate callouts over tactical reads just seems tiny bit over the top IMO.

Unbelievable that people would want to play a team based game… as a TEAM… :astonished:

Player population is the true problem. Stacks are supposed to be faced against opponents with a relatively equal chance to win (if they are solos then they will have a cumulative MMR of greater than the stack). But, when there’s not enough people online, it doesn’t really work out that way.

Not all stacks are highly talented players, many are just friends. I don’t believe in ruining their ability to play a team based game together. It’s up to the developer to make it fair. Ultimately, longer queue times are the only way to do that and that’s what they eventually resorted to in Gears 4.


Stacks are annoying in every game. Get your own stack if you care so much…


Git Gud Scrub.


Gears isnt a team based game never has been. this isnt overwatch that crappy game type already exists.

No they aren’t, not in balanced games anyways. Perhaps if you feel this is how it supposed to be played maybe you should hit Git Gud Scrub. Clearly you aren’t good enough to win games on you own it would appear.

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Sigh… So we’re just going to make up fantasies I see. You’re really going to make me break it down in baby talk, aren’t you?

You do notice that one side wins and one side loses, right? That people on one side share an objective? That they can only kill people on the opposing side? And, one side can communicate with people in their own group? Those are teams.

No matter how hard you want to pretend those aren’t teams, they in fact are.

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Never said there were not teams however it’s not a team shooter like overwatch is so my point is still relevant whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

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It’s always been a team based game. That was the intent. Just because players had the ability to be successful without communication, and chose to play that way doesn’t mean it wasn’t or never has been.

I have no problem with this. :laughing:


So you want TC to stop people from playing with their friends because you don’t have any? Lmao


You know damn well that’s not what I was suggesting. you just thought you were being clever and just for your info, you weren’t

Was it? Been playing this game for years. Was epic and TC that incompetent it took them this long to achieve thier vision? I hear call of duty is big on comms we already have that game. Probably why gears playerbase is where it is currently.

Some one is salty

I don’t know why you keep trying to insert overwatch but Gears VS is a team based game, save for certain modes. Really bizarre that you’re trying to pretend it’s not. If you’re not willing to be honest then there’s no point in continuing this conversation though.

Making stuff up is a really immature way to support an argument.

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