Stacks Don't Matter, Nuff Said

Here is some prove that stacks don’t matter given that your teammates have a sense of what they’re doing

These have all been since OP7 started, of course just started capturing against 3-4 stacks recently.

the “stack” could have just searched together, doesn’t mean they’re partied or communicating

don’t understand how players see a stack and think it’s an automatic L


Ah yes, because you don’t automatically lose the game stacks dont matter. Having ammo in your gun doesn’t matter, because you can just double melee them.


Not all of us. Stacks can sometimes prove to be counter-productive as they occasionally become competitive with each other which distracts from coordinated teamwork.


I’d like to say I’m more caution if I see a stack. I mean you should always do your best regardless but just extra careful I guess?

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trick is to hold an empty boomshot and pull it out when the enemy is near so they can flee

nothing more true has ever been spoken

good point, I tend to think more that way when it’s a full clan vs a full stack of friends


This all depends on how well they communicate.
On one hand, I’ve sometimes been able to flank and kill 2 or 3 enemies when playing against a stack before anyone of them tells the others I’m there. While on the other hand, I’ve come across stacks who communicate and play together so well that if at any time a 1v1 extends beyond a few seconds 2 other enemies show up and shoot me down. In that case, if I’m playing solo or with 1 friend we are at a clear disadvantage.

Most of the time, the stacks that I do come across aren’t so incompetent that it’d be a completely even playing field even if our team consisted of solo players only. Stacks usually do matter EVEN if everyone on the other team knew what they’re doing :wink:

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from my experience, everyone is beatable in any given day

@Mercado I tagged him already, he knows lol

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I see a stack and know its an automatic W because my computer will win the game for me, i dont even touch my controller.


If you have a pc against a stack of consoles, you will win

Some assembly required

batteries not included

Not recommended for console players under 03

And that’s usually my problem lol… whenever I run into a stack, my teammates are usually awful… Guardian is usually where it happens to me, so I give you examples of awful teammates such as, leader dying in 10 seconds… or times I’ve been jumped by entire team as leader, while my team is on the other side of the map, despite I marked their leader 20 seconds ago also being over in my area with the rest of his team…

However yes, the few times I easily dispatched of a 4 or 5 stack… is cause I had at least 1 or 2 teammates with competence.

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You get a lot of bad stacks, new players stacking with experienced players and horde stacks too. Good players stacked together should win most matches against solos.


People just want to blame their lack of skill on anything man


I don’t understand when I’m leader and they try to give me boom, like no go blow up their leader with it lol

I wish it would rotate amongst the team, not necessarily whoever kills the opposing leader becomes leader next round


true, I would say a better team of solos can beat a good stack team. Of course it all depends on teammates, have to roll the dice on that

yup, I don’t mind losing if I went up against better players but at least I know I held my own. Can’t win them all

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I do this also, however… good players would see its on respawn and still rush u.


Now we need a stacked lives matter t shirt