Stacks don’t matter

So I have made a conclusion: contrary to my previous belief, I now think that stacks don’t help a diddley. @BcuzimDRAGON I owe you an apology.

Here just a sample:


I love how you take the opportunity to trash on your teammates via the chatbox at the end of every match lmao!


Why does @Aloha_its_Kyle refuse to go for caps or Boomshat?


Best thing about stacks is just rolling with friends.

Long Live Guardian!!!

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Never drink and boomshot, that’s how I lost the kids


The first match kills for Kyle, why so high and why not replicated any where near as much in any other match, seems off ?s

…I suppose that is Gears for you! I have only managed 100+ kills (probably half where not actually my kills) 3 times in 5, the last being months ago.

“I’m never playing against PC players, but we can double stack”


Having you on the team.

Isn’t that the same as playing 3v4?


He’s gotten better… his friends :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Lmaoooooo had me dead


Yes please open tdm back up so I dont have to play koth or guardian if I have more than one friend on. Or add dodgeball and ill just live in that game type

“Oh this kid is really good” - @TC_Clown



I’m sure your teammates are lovely people but you on the other hand…aren’t you the guy that blew himself up on allfathers?


Yes, he is that guy:


Like with anything it’s all situational honestly.
I played with a attack last night amd got our ■■■■■ handed to us. First game was against a bunch of streamers who apparently live together how much they supported each other. Like held each other’s hands and ran away when confronted alone for the most part.
They were also on PC which does factor into things.

People on the s x and PC tend to have better games than us mortals who still play on a 2013 Xbox one.

Anyways we played another stack later with snubbs and something was off the whole game. We could get kills but it was one of those for every 2 shots it took them 1 to down us.

Typically I play alone and the results are mixed but what you show above does happen often.

Alot of the time it really comes down to how your team is playing. If you play a 4 different people you will lose ( and trust me I’ve done this a lot).

But those times where me and snubbs or my buddy batman work as a team we can basically hold a hill by ourselves.

Do stacks have an advantage? Yes. Is it some big hurdle you can’t get over? No.

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I quite literally have messaged the other team requesting that we switch teammates.

Because Kyle is drunk most of the time he plays. That first one was a rare sober Kyle match.

You know what, first of all, ur face.

Don’t go trashing my friends.

Did you not see the gif title? “NotClown”. It was not me.


I have done it 2 times today.

Depends what the game is like.


Another one from last night

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