Stacks, 2v and 4v parties

I know @TC_Clown made a thread but I don’t want to highjack that one. I want to explain a little more the why’s behind these things in the titles.

Stacks don’t matter. It’s a flip argument honestly. Do stacks have am advantage? They can. I’d say the percent of them winning is more than randoms, but it’s not a guarantee honestly. What people get upset about is when you go up against a well oiled team who just cross you out or pin you down. Which still happens with randoms as well. We all know how to play this game once you get past a gold 3 level. At least typically.

2 man parties vs 4 and 5 man’s or tdm and king. The main idea behind 2 man parties was because people were tired of being pinned down in spawn by that well oiled machine. This “fix” actually didn’t fix anything at all and this still happens. Sometimes it’s better to leave a game as is and not listen to the Karen’s of the world. Its a give and take with this because you all know nobody is sitting there and saying:

" you know guys we have them pinned in spawn, so let’s back off" when they have found the tables are turned. That’s just not how this game has ever been played. You crush your enemies with righteousness.

I made a comment to @SnubbS the other day in another thread. He likes 2 man parties, but he also likes weird music and French films.

My comment was it was more enjoyable because I was playing the game with him. Playing this game by yourself is typically boring. Video games typically are meant to be played with friends. Unless you are playing something like God of War or some fancy single player game. Are you always going to have people who prefer to play alone? Yes, even I do that sometimes but freedom on how you play a game matters. I should have the option to play alone or with up to 4 people.

Which brings me to 4 vs 5 teams. The logic was to make the game more tactical, which wasn’t really honest. Either you play the game this way already or you play the other ways. Support, power weapons, or shotgun fests…the other logic I think was to match the tuning they pushed out. It’s slower therefore let’s make the game slower to match this tuning.
It wasn’t really thought through honestly. 4 man teams didn’t really change much., but they won’t comment on player base so who knows at this momen.

Anyways back to parties. It’s fun, it’s fun to joke, and chat about things as you play the game. It makes the game faster paced believe it or not. Everyone or one or two because why talk if you have a mic…?
Everyone calling things out and when to rotate or to move where and why. The joy of winning with your team vs winning by yourself. I do enjoy a good high five with myself. Who doesn’t feel like a winner doing that? Right @Aloha_its_Kyle?

Anyways I don’t expect much. This wasn’t a whining about the tuning thread or whatever. We all know we’re we stand.

Just some thoughts I had and felt like typing out.



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Yes? :disappointed_relieved:🥲

High five!

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Sorry I don’t wanna get corona [[[again]]]

Yes you do

After playing yesterday. I would agree with the high fiving myself victories felt better than the ones with my friends.

As I had to turn off my computer with how much my friends let me down in the last two matches.

Sounds like you need new friends

I never understood why a bunch of casuals ruined my game mode.

I got masters in op1 solo TDM.

Then I get a bunch of casuals who don’t even appreciate TDM like I do tell me how the game should be run.

I barely start stacking up & meet some cool people & NOPE!

“I wIn ToO MuCh StAcKEd” or “iTs ToO EaSy StAcKeD”

I freaking swear!!! These wanna be pro players who play the mode casually have too much say & just freak up this game.

I had like 30+ days or something like that exclusively on ranked TDM like 7 months ago & still hold a top 20 spot.

Yet, these casual tdm players have so much authority with their giant egos just because they play esports … no one gives a ■■■■!! If you play a dying competitive game mode that self destructed!!

Esports imploded by being a seclusion few so why should they get any attention when they killed off their own scene!!

But they done it now… TC listens to a bunch of hacks & now Gears5 has fallen 10+ spots in the Microsoft playlist.

Maybe still dropping!

All these GB / Esports don’t know what the heck they want or are saying & here’s the outcome we get! A jacked up game that nobody really wants to play.

But what does the regular person know about Gears? I mean , we are the audience that keeps the game afloat but we know nothing & must deal the hand we’re dealt with.

This company’s ludacris , at this point.

Such a terrible job all around. Maybe PvE will keep this game alive a bit longer but as long as TC remains gun ho they’re not going to succeed.

They really did screw up this game

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