St. Patrick's Day Event, Leprechaun Heads

@TC_Octus @the-coalition

Could we see in Gears5 the return of Gears3 Leprechaun Heads this - St. Patrick’s Day Event next month? & please

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I’m going to bless this. Not particularly a leprechaun fan, but some kind of events should be rolling.

If TC doesn’t remember there’s a horde mode soon, I’m afraid many others will forget the mode as well.

Green enemies for Horde would be great

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Leprechauns might be a little too insensitive for 2020, man. Im not even irish and im already getting a little offended. :ireland:

Give us your pot of gold and be in your way.

IM not a Leprechaun, i just like to be offended on behalf of people that may or may not exist. If i dont stand up for them who will?

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Lol. I applaud you sir!

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