Sraak and RAAM (dialogue ideas)

Anyone familiar with the Theron’s voice lines in this game, compared to Jermad? The Theron’s dialogue is almost completely classic, with the exceptions that are either necessary (new weapons, respawning, etc), or are intro dialogues. Meanwhile, Jermad mostly has new dialogue unique to him, only having some of the Theron’s lines by necessity.

Why not do the same with Sraak and RAAM? Give RAAM only his classic voice lines, while adding only necessary new lines, plus the intros (why not?) and Sraak can take all the new voice lines, while barely having RAAM’s classic lines (like frag out).

I feel like RAAM’s classic voice lines are far better than the new ones, and those who disagree can play as Sraak. I mean, they’re enemies, after all.

Maybe this can be the same for Skorge and the Kantus, though I’m not much of a Kantus fan to begin with, so I don’t have much place to talk on that.