Squirrel Girl Horde Mode!

Hah, read this last night… had to share with the community here.
New to me & may have been posted before, though good memes are worth repeating I say.

And on some level I can’t help but relate, especially when running around playing as Kait (kudos on her new Outer Wilds skin btw – really dug the design – any potential Black Steel pondered designs for this, her Outsider design, or Civilian or E-Day Anya?) on Insane Horde or any Ranked Versus for that matter, heh.

Since I haven’t found a dedicated squad and game solo, I’ve been doing my best to let Carmine handle the latter swarm business instead nowadays to help her avoid the unnecessary PTSD that tends to occur there.

So it’s just a comic panel that happens to include the word horde (hoard)? I wouldn’t call it a meme.