Spread the word guys, please read this TC

One subject that made Gears 3 online very fun wasn’t only the characters skin’s, weapons skins etc. But it was Epic Game’s audacity to add a mode were you can play as the locust horde.
against the humans. What made it fun was the whole idea of it. You playing as your beloved locust characters, now im talking about the wretches, drones, boomers, the Kantus well hell tons of them. Who wouldn’t want this mode back in Gears 5. This mode can bring a huuugge variety of characters the player and players can play as. The Locust, The Lambent and The Swarm. You can even throwing the idea of playing as boss characters like General Raam, Skorge, Queen Myraah, The Matriarch and The Berserker every 10 rounds. Now Coalition please bring this mode back to Gears 5, you can even add the ideas for beast mode I had mentioned in this post. Please Consider the Idea. You wont regret it.



People have been wanting beast mode here for a long time, if you came for their attention then you came to the wrong place. They don’t love us, try twitter or reddit, you’d have a better chance there.


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Then why are you here?

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Beast Mode was fantastic.

Problem is, if they brought it back it would be the Swarm and it would be under TC’s design.

They’d find a way to ruin it.


Why is anyone here? What is the point in life? Life’s eternal questions.

Beast mode would add to TC’s long list of features to add. TC already have VS, Escape and Horde as main modes to support, as well as map builder, which is receiving less support.

Add another mode and you create chaos. I cannot conceive a way that TC can add a working Beast mode at the launch of a operation in the future, and support it over time.

I’m in this thread because I don’t think Beast mode would work at launch. I’m here because I don’t want to see another mode be rushed out of the door, for very little benefit, and see it ruined. Plus your thread title is clickbaity and misleading initially.

And 4 modes will reduce the populations in all modes, at a time when the population is low.


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Honestly. Thts the least of tc 's problems right now imo. They need to focus on fixing this game to make it playable in verses.
They couldn’t even give us new maps.
We have gotten 2. New maps in 7 months. And the last one tht came out was pure laziness. ( its wide freaking open) why would it take tht long to even make.
Then we get a copy and paste canals.
So wht have they been doing this whole time. Making gridiron.??? Really. Wtf.

Oh. They also runined the gamplay as well. Guess tht had to take some time also.

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People have also wanted WINGMAN and RANKED DODGEBALL. SO WHT Do they do.?? They take dodgeball out completely and give us FFA which is a straight LAG FEST because the game cant process 14 players let alone 10.

Im all for 4 v 4 at this point. It will make the game run smoother with less chance of a player having 150 plus ping from mexico.

Make ffa have 10 players and just make it available on all verse maps tht are big enough
Revert the movement and give us 100 poke.

Just give us The FEB 11 th update. U know. The one that was only out for a week

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I don’t understand why they have to take out modes, it’s extremely dumb. OP3 is the dumbest thing they’ve done.

Feb 11 was the best

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Save it for Gears 6. The game needs to get it’s schitt together first and it’s been behind on that.

Although I’d like that obvious missing Act from the campaign added somewhere down the line lol

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I hope if it comes out that it won’t be paid

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Sure. Add another mode. It’s not like the other 3 are a complete mess that gets worse every time TC does anything.

I don’t think we have to spread the word to TC though, with the addition of the progression banners for Myrahh, Speaker, Raam and a couple others, and no way listed of earning them, I agree with people’s speculation that something similar to this is coming


I know people dislike Judgement, but Overrun was a very fun addition to the Gears universe. Wouldn’t mind if they added a variant similar to that.

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Maybe they are w

maybe they are working on it for gears 6…makes sense and they might even be holding it back and improving it…gears 6 IS coming out on next gen and they know they need to keep people interested

Eh, population is irrelevant to me. I’ll take private matches over wallbouncing tryhards with the maturity level of a 9 yr old any day. More modes means more variety, it means more reasons to start up the game, and especially with Beast mode, another option to have fun without the toxic community bringing the game down. The worst thing about Gears is the community, and most people will tell you that. And besides, most bots are far more intelligent and difficult than any human player ever will be, so don’t come back with some lame no skill comment either, you’re factually wrong.

Beast mode would be amazing but they would need to have “current” maps and “retro” maps. I want to play as the Serapede and Corpser again, in addition to a Snatcher and Matriarch.

Hopefully something good comes out of it. Its been 7 months and its still not feeling like a gears game.

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