Spotting bug in Guardian - "I see the enemy leader" but it is not the leader

Playing as a Scion on the Swarm team in Guardian makes spotting them act as spotting the enemy leader. My Jin-bot teammate spotted a non-leader while I was on respawn and said “I see the enemy leader” then I respawn and spot him myself and Kait says “I see the enemy leader.” We kill him and it isn’t the leader. Later that same round I spot this CurvingWolf player again and Kait still says he is the leader. Even if the leader is suppose to have a different color, this is very confusing, and once people figure this out Swarm teams will be nothing but Scions! No matter who you spot it will use the wrong dialogue. TC, you all lack competence to let something like this slip thru. This game is a buggy mess and you all refuse to acknowledge it publicly. Is this another thread mocking you all for your incompetence? Yes, cause that’s all you deserve.