Sports Teams that we root for

who are you favorite sports teams ,
NFL : Chicago Bears
NCAA Football , The U (miami hurricanes )
MLB: Boston Redsox
NBA: San Antonio Spurs
NCAA Basketball: Syracuse Orange
NHL: New Jersey Devils
AHL Hockey: Utica Comets / Binghamton Devils

IPL: Royal Challengers Bangalore

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Curious about your NFL choice.

Football/Soccer - Most of my family members are Liverpool fans, son is an Arsenal fan

Yesterday was not a good day at all for Liverpool fans because of Karius the Klown of Klopp

Chicago Blackhawks, Cubs and Bears. Nothing else matters to me. :smiley:

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Well I’ll just let my gamerpic do the talkin. And that’s the only sport I support. And if you knew me you would know that I absolutely bleed orange and blue. GO BRONCOS!! SB50 CHAMPS!!

why , i have been a bears fan since i was 8 years old ,im 43 now

NFL : Cincinnati Bengals
NCAA Football , University of Kentucky
MLB: Cincinnati Reds
NBA: New Orleans Hornets
NCAA Basketball: University of Kentucky
NHL: Nashville Predators
AHL Hockey: formerly the Kentucky Thoroughblades but I think they moved to Cleveland

Wasn’t being critical. Your pic is of the Vikings. Just noticed the the Mohawk Valley part. (It does have a similar color scheme to Minnesota). Sorry for the confusion.

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New Jersey Devils
Seattle Mariners
NY Jets

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no worries man , that pic is for the Semi Pro football team i played for , the Mohawk Valley Vikings ,here in Central New York, thats where the gamer tag comes from too , V7K1NG is evolved from MVVIKING71 , the team i played for and my number 71

That’s cool.