Sponging worse after update?

I used to find a few people now and again that would sponge bullets but after the update it seems there are way more people sponging. It is making a game that I could enjoy most of the time to one I outright HATE playing. It is no fun at all to see someone take 5 shots in the back and then spin around and one shot me. They need to roll back the update because it broke something.


I feel it’s got a bit worse since the update also.

Sponging enemies are the most frustrating part of this games experience.

Sure, every gears game has had sponging, but things are meant to get better over time, not worse.

The sponging in this game is far worse than gears 4, in my opinion.


Drives me insane!!!

Definitely getting worse!

Yes. I was just about to make a thread. They changed something. Shots that killed people on wednesday just hurt enemies today. It’s annoying.

Hipfire feels weaker specifically.

Playing around some more and noticing a lot of 77 or 79 for point blanks instead of the usual 95 -99.

I’ve noticed this as well. It’s frustrating, and I’m near to quit unfortunately. I really like it, but this server problems are getting ridiculous

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It’s not the update. It’s the lack of a player base. It’s gotten worse because cod came out. You’re gonna get matched with ppl that have bad pings and Spanish speaking ppl. Also the servers are behaving a little strange themselves. This game in terms of player population last time I checked was behind Friday the 13th on Xbox. 26th place or something.

Disagree. Between wednesday and thursday-now. Its night and day. Something changed with the update.

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Yep, I also noticed this yesterday. I hit many point blanks only to get killed 1 sec later.

Enemy player killed you: 1-10 (or whatever) hits - 100%


No, not even a single digit. Also had moments where I could’ve sworn I pressed the trigger and nothing happened. Or maybe I’m not used to the stupid restrictions of 5 in terms of controls yet.


For real? Because that’s actually hard to wrap my head around. :joy:


It’s much worse.

Also, hip fire shots from my Gnasher do 0% damage almost every time. I am not getting hit markers even though I can clearly see the pellets hit. The Lancer is also not hitting the majority of my bullets. All of this is making the game unplayable and the amount of people using melee is at an all time high now. The sad part is that there is no real counter because the sponging is very bad right now.


For real, he’s not kidding. Gears 4 feels like a Halo game by comparison.


This update feels like a COD. If you are a master, it is fun, if not, it’s ridiculous and frustrating. Worse and worse…

I can’t wait for the melee nerf next week.

All those two piecing scrubs are going to go back to getting absolutely demolished :rofl:


Exactly what I’ve been noticing. Whatever they did with this update, the hipfire was definitely affected. Shots that worked last week are getting eaten now and then I get a nice melee to the face.

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I’m not even sure what’s going on. Something definitely feels off. It’s not even a one off issue which is the biggest concern. It’s more often than not.

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It’s funny because another 5v5 game I got into recently (Paladins) had a wonky update this week causing delays at the server. All I can think of when playing is, “This is like Gears, I just gotta shoot before I’m supposed to shoot because everything is delayed.”

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I finished up my tour of duty and turned gears off. I played a couple other games and I am not frustrated in the slightest. Ill be back when that tuning update Ryan was talking about gets launched. Hopefully it’s a good thing because grinding my way to general was a horrible experience. Also enemies have been super spongey in a lot of games recently and then they quip back like guess you cant aim hehehehe nah your ■■■■■■ connection is saving your backside, but I digress.

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A real shame that Gears 4 mysteriously doesn’t work at all now.

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I get yah… Also must have cost you some Iron to get there…