Sponging and quicksand?

Last night I played a bunch of matches and I noticed in the first match in particular the other team was sponging really bad. Almost none of my Gnasher shots would kill anyone unless I was literally on top of them. Shots form a distance were practically useless. There were many times I put 2 or 3 Gnasher shots on someone from close range without killing or downing them and then I get chunked in 1 shot. The worst was I shot a downed enemy from close range with my Gnasher and he didn’t die. I’m like what the F is going on here?! Also during this match my character oddly slow and clunky. Couldn’t bounce well and movement felt way off. I could sense that there was a small delay from when I shot the Gnasher to when I could hear the pellets register their hit.

Next couple matches this changed. My Gnasher started dealing damage again and movement started feeling easier and fluid.

Just wanted to get some thoughts on the cause of this. My ping isn’t very high . Usually around 40 or so. Anyone else experiencing this lately? Is this something not related to my internet connection?

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Netcode :frowning:


I had the same issue. It’s a recognized glitch, I hope we get a fix soon.

I found this . Perhaps this explains it correctly?

winner, winner, chicken dinner :laughing:

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