Sponging and no damage shots at an all time high?

That is precisely why even in 4 I never shoot after vaulting anymore always go for the melee kill after vault it’s way more consistent

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Damn aight well it was definitely the first I seen it happen like that lol I had to quit for the night after that bs😂 but for real we rocked in the 2v2 we should play some more

I’ve been doing great since the update. But that is when the game isnt laced with this spongy crap. I mean one game I went 27-5 the very next game I was like 9-8 because those 9 were all assists my gun wasnt hitting anything. It’s been very noticable in certian games. It is not a skill thing, it’s something messy with the servers since the update and I am not sure what they did.

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Good point. I’ll just do that in future, thanks.

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At the end of this clip when the other Kait killed your ‘team mate’, notice how juttery they are on screen.
I’ve got that in every game I play on VS. Game feels like it’s running at 25fps at best.


Hadn’t played FFA yet, likely never will.

I’ve played 3 matches of KOTH and hadnt noticed things being any more worse than they usually are. Hit detection has always been busted for me when I’m playing at home ( less so when I’m traveling and playing on hotel wifi).

Maybe it has gotten worse and I’m desensitized to it, but the only thing I immediately recognized is aim assist is practically non existent now.

Yeah. My friend calls it a player buff. If they were much lower rank than you, your shot wont register. When this happens it won’t show the player buff in the kill cam. It’s an algorithm. Like the ranked tier. It’s a programmer way to help casual players get kills.

I thought I ran into a sponge on FFA… until they revived me…

Yea, it was friendly fire not sponge… interesting glitch lol reported it on the Gears support site.

I’ve had friends say similar things. Ever noticed absolutely decimating a team in the first round, to have them wipe you in the next, despite playing the same on both sides?

Makes you wonder at times. This of course is all conspiracy, but who knows with what TC has already done to casualise this game.


No revives in FFA, are you mistaken?

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Yea. The buff also works for 99% percent regestered shot damage , then The worse player gets a health buff of say 110. So you die. Scrub gets a kill. It’s not connection. You can tell because it happens all the time. It has to be a program.

There’s a bug where you occasionally get a teammate in FFA.

You can’t kill each other and can revive one another.

How this didn’t come up in QA is beyond me.

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I’m done playing the game until this gets sorted, if the game can’t be consistent with it’s core and most important mechanic (the shooting) for no fault of the player then the game has fundamentally failed as a shooter. It’s annoying because a couple of hours before the update I was consistently getting over 60 kills and had my first game where I got over 100 eliminations in KoTH, fast forward to now and I can barely scrape 50…

Nope not mistaken, it was a bug

Im referring to this Reporting a Glitch in FFA

Wish I had recorded it tbh

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Moved your thread into the main one, a number of people are experiencing the same issue.


I had the same issue. A Kait had a blue chevron over her head and we couldn’t hurt wachother as if we were teammates.

I was Raam, that alone made me giggle.

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Game drop fps randomly when playing cqc, but the more ppl in the ring for example, the more fps drops and Sponging you get, it’s not just me either, the other 3 I play with say the same.

The higher your ping is also the more evident this is.

Need a new studio for gears.

Only change I noticed was aim assist was default back to on after the update.

I’m still getting a lot of 5% damage shots tonight. The first few matches felt fine but its a mess now. What I don’t understand is how the enemy is able to down me from 3 roll distances away in a single shot but I do 5% at point blank with the lower ping.

Also, 2v2 Gnasher needs a nerf. It feels too luck based with its default.

Edit: the next match worked perfectly fine. Your game has severe consistency issues.


I experience this on most of my KOTH matches. Round 1, one team will completely dominate the other. Loosing team for round 1 will barely get over 10 eliminations while the winning team gets between 30-50. Second round the roles are completely reversed, the team who lost round 1 will completely dominate and get all the eliminations and the other team will barely get any kills. Third round tends to go back to the team that won the first round.