Sponge ranking beside gametype rankin


why dont you just add a Sponge ranking system beside your “perfectly working” rankin system?

Like depending on how much players are sponging, the higher sponge rank they get so people will know, they have to use the lancer instead of the gnasher lul.

Would be nice because some people confuse “Skill” with "being a sponge, movin like a bot, 80% damage after 1 shot with a gnasher from 25 miles ".

Dont take this too serious, everyone is hatin this game right know and im bored at work LUL.

And BTW, whoever the guy is who “programmed” the % counting, send this guy a math book for beginners. He skipped math in school for too long.

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Lol, love it.

Realistically though I’d like Gears 5 to take a tough approach to high fluctuation pings. If you have a match where your ping fluctuates by a large amount throughout the whole match there needs to be some sort of system that phases them out of ranked matchmaking. For example, if said player is pinging at 100ms but fluctuates to 200-1100 several times they should be given a “suspension” from ranked play with an on screen prompt explaining that “due to your unstable connection, you’re no longer allowed to play Ranked until you take the necessary steps to stabilize your connection. Please take these steps and then after you play 5 Social matches without major fluctuations you’ll be allowed back into ranked matches. For more information, head over to GearsofWar.com/connections (blah blah blah)”.

This is what SHOULD be implemented.

I don’t mind high pings. Its obvious the high ping is at a disadvantage due to major delays. But high fluctuation breaks the game for every other player in a match and that needs to be addressed.


Thats a really good Idea, but even my ping sometimes fluctuates, and thats because of the sh1ty servers, otherwise i have a constant ping of 20-30. A lot of people, who are playin on wlan will get a big problem, because most of them still use the old 2,4Ghz band (better range but slower than 5Ghz). I just dont wanna play against sponges or high pings, havin a high ping is almost everytime a BIG advantage, because you are laggin all over the map, your shots are way stronger, even from far away etc. For ex. if im from Germany, what i am, i just want to play against german, uks, french (not) and from other countrys near germany and not against us or indian players with a ping of 200 LUL.

To come back to your idea, imagine you wanna play gears but your isp doing some weird things atm and you ping is ?fluctuating? (is that written wright?) af and you just cant play ranked for the moment, we in germany have like from 12-20 worse internet than in the night, its not like “worse, unplayable” but you wont get the 100% you get in the night.

Look at the indian players, there whole country would be banned from ranked, because they dont have a server near india + they have like the worse internet on the planet.

Someone already mentioned this here, when you play with a 100+ ping guy, you ping or “ingame connection” start doing weird ■■■■ like you are laggin or have lag spikes, even you supposed to have a good ping. That would brake the mechanic, the game will think “oh your ping is bad” bamm banned from ranked.