(SPOILERS) Why *that* big story choice sucks

The choice between Del and JD ■■■■■■ sucks because there isn’t a good outcome writing wise for Gears 6.

  1. If they chose either Del or JD for you which means your choice is completely meaningless which is just bad writing imo and means the choice serves no real purpose.

  2. If they make your choice carry on to Gears 6 they create two different timelines. To be resource efficient they’d either kill off the other character or make it so the survivor has little to no dialogue or is completely off screen.

  3. They do some secret option ■■■■ where you don’t know who survived until they reveal that either both or neither survived which again makes your choice meaningless.

Can anyone figure out why they did this? It feels kind of obvious that if they do choose 1 survivor that it should be JD. Del doesn’t really have much of a character arc and seems to stay the same at the start and end of 5 and he’s also kind of a bland character. I also doubt they’d kill Marcus’s only son unless they reveal he actually has multiple kids.

Side note: It’s still dumb that I can’t swear in the title despite people swearing left and right in the Gears games.


I like the idea but its horrible for gears 5.

It’s like making the choice to kill Cole or Baird in gears 2.

If TC made that choice at the end of the series I think it would be more meaningful. I still cried when I had to choose for someone to die but I also think its wasted potential for both people.


Bro I killed Del with a Patrick Bateman American Psycho lack of expression on my face. I didn’t care much for Del and I knew I could not face Marcus if I let his one and presumably only child die.


He had a better reaction with JD dying. It hurt me to do that.

You killed JD? Man I don’t even want to watch a youtube clip of it because imagine having your only kid die. If only they made us more attached to del through family or something.


From my perspective i took in the count of marcus loses when choosing, dom,anya, other brothers in arms, and now jd


It’s lazy writing since Gears 4. A script makes or breaks a game’s campaign just like a movie does

same, I couldn’t give Marcus another loss


I liked Del in 5 :upside_down_face:

If we had an act of Fahz and JD doing side work for Jinn maybe I wouldve liked him more.

You forget his late son who died due Anya trying to have a second child which was her cause of death


I mean he was kinda funny, had good banter and had that thing with Fahz going. Did feel awkward when Fahz got out the truck.

Edit: Tbh I was more attached to Fahz. If they maybe emphasised the fact he, JD and Kait(?) were childhood friends maybe it could have pulled a few more heart strings but that part of the story was mentioned in passing really.

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Woh! If that ever happened, then I would never finish the game. I go back to Gears of War 3 and Dom’s death still has an impact on me.

Del was the easy choice for me. Regardless of opinions of JD and what not, I just couldn’t do that to Marcus. Del was a pretty dull character and didn’t really offer much interest to me. As for where will the story go? TC will choose who lived and died, and whoever died will probably come back as a swarm enemy. I just don’t see TC going for the 2 path story.


Well that was good on TCs part, Fahz is a total redacted and acts like a self pretentious redacted

I thought it showed that Fahz is human.

Fahz and Lizzie were my highlights of 5 :relieved:

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So…is this Telltale now? Soon we see “Fahz will remember that” on the top left corner


I mean Fahz, Lizzie, the hivebusters, even JD’s little character arc gives me a bit of hope for the future of Gears story. That being said I found Niles Samson waaaaaay more interesting than Reyna. Wish they’d focused on him a bit more since I don’t really care for Queen Reyna.


I thought by killing JD, Del would have some time to shine. But I kinda doubt it :pensive:

I mean we keep forgeting about the REAL loss. My boi Jack :sob:


It does make me wonder if there gonna pull a telltale choice like that though? will it kinda be like mass effects system?

I doubt it. I just thought it was funny to write lol.


Lol they would have to make like separate scenes and lines then with that choice


I know this is off topic but I hope Kait isn’t the protag of the next game although it seems she will be. Not only do I not like her but she gets tons of skins that could have been allocated to someone else :sob: