Spoilers! The main Campaign is rn a love hate relationship

I’m leaning more towards hate rn but don’t @ me I’ll explain why. This is by far one of the best GoW to release aside from the first being generations above its time of release. First, idc how anyone else feels if u wanna argue wrong place. The main character being Kait makes no sense. First off before u say u can’t dig into the background of another character as JD that’s wrong. In fact in Gears of War 2 you do jus that when instead of doing your job u stop to look for Doms wife. No the whole game wasn’t based on this, but a lot of people don’t do side missions and that cuts the game by a quarter of game play. You played as JD in the 4. In 5 you should be playing as him. There’s no if ands or buts idc about Kait cool she the daughter of a stupid experiment. MARCUS FENIX IS GEARS OF WAR. So his son is the perfect Predecessor. You obviously had some attachment to her in 4 Marcus specifically called her ur girlfriend and there was no denial afterwards. Yet nothing like that showed up in the 5. What?? So did y’all make this game to fast who scripting this. Finally, the dreaded choice at the end. I mean seriously. Come on now. Who tf is gonna be in 6. Also why do we have a choice to kill the main protagonist of gears of war 4. That’s like giving u a choice to kill Anya or Dom in 3 for Christ sake. Now let me ask again. Did y’all make this game to fast WHO TF IS SCRIPTING THIS FRANCHISE BECAUSE ITS BECOMING A BIG FAT DISAPPOINTMENT. Other than the game play and open world features of course. :slight_smile: no but seriously last thing we play these games for the campaign. The idea was cool but the selection of characters in the dreaded choice and the main character literally being switched in the same game since you start the game as JD which why tf would I want to kill my character I just built a chemistry with in the previous edition.

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There is a canon story here. And now I have to choose between 2 of the main characters to live?
Get Karen Travis back to write another book to fix this sacralige.
There is so much lore to explain.
Stop being stupid and get serious.


TC seems to not know how to treat killing off a character in a story. They put no weight behind the death or no build up. If you don’t flesh out the character or give us a chance to care for them then when they die it means nothing to us. Look at how they killed off a beloved character like Anya. It was done off screen with no explanation of how. Another one is in GOW 4 when they found Reyna and had to “Kill” her. Reyna was in like 2 cut scenes and that’s it. So when she died it was like “Eh hardly new ya”. She wasn’t in the trenches with us going through hell or did some heroic thing to save people and then died later. There was no weight behind her death for me.

Now when Dom found Maria and her body was so deteriorated and he had to kill her to relieve her of the pain. Man o man I was devastated for him. The voice acting and the lead up to it was so good that I felt it. Same with when Dom sacrificed himself to save the others in GOW 3. I have never cried for a fictional game character death like I did. I’m a man dam it, but that hurt. I had to pause the game after the cut scene to take it all in and grief for a few minutes in disbelief. The journey I went through with Dom from GOW 1-3 was what made me care about him and made it so real. Same goes for Tai’s death and Adam Fenix.

Anyways if TC would give their characters more depth or personality then their deahts or stories would be more interesting and we will be more invested in them to feel something when they die. Giving us a choice does not give the death more weight or importance. It just makes players confused on why they had to make a choice in the first place.


It was explained in the campaign why she died. Because of the fertility program. How exactly she died… Why is it that important? It’s not important to the story. Important is, she is dead and it was a consequence of the fertility program. That’s the only important parts to know for the enjoyment of the story. It’s not important to know at what day and during which weather conditions she died,what time of the day etc. It’s not necessary to show it on screen either. What would it give to the story? Maybe they will show it in a flashback at, some point, it surely would have not made sense in Gears 4,because it was clear, that Coalition was planning on keeping some lore for future games.
Important is only she died because of the fertility program and that this probably had taken a toll on JDs and Marcus relationship. I really don’t get it, it was explained in the game. Are some people simply ignoring the dialogues when the play campaign? Not everything needs to be shown on screen to be impactful. JD taking a moment of silence at the grave in Gears 4 is so much more effective in delivering the important information, while it’s not distracting from the main story

As with Reyna, her death was not supposed to be super sad. Kaits reaction was supposed to be and as we know found out with Gears 5, Reyna had to die, in order to progress the story.