[SPOILERS!] Okay, We Need to Talk About the Ending

Let’s talk about the big choice at the end of the game. You know the one. Do you feel it fits the series? Is it out of place? Personally I think that part of why choices impacting games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc. works so well os because they’re such huge worlds that any sequels and spin off material can be set in a time or place so distant from the core series or first few games that explanations for what happened can be fairly vague or unnecessary (see the Mass Effect novels). Not so with Gears. I feel like making this choice an actual choice is going to make it difficult it such a small, tightly knit universe. At the same time, it would feel like a let down to just have TC say “well, this answer is canon, so whatever”. FINALLY. Who did you kill and why? I killed Del. The possibility of a JD redemption arc after going full COG seems like a necessity. That, and honestly I couldn’t kill him. I couldn’t do that to Marcus after all the crap he’s had to suffer through. So. Thoughts?
TL;DR: How do you think the choice will affect future games and who did you kill off and why???