[spoilers in this thread] Are boomers, wretches and kantus indigenous?

Are boomers, wretches and Kantus indigenous locust?

Did the indigenous locust hunt and fight each other for food, like predatory animals do in the wild, or did they eat other indigenous creatures?

How does swarm imago take a poo if he has no ■■■■-hole?

I cannot give you any answers without spoiling the game for you.

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Spoil it for me then, I don’t mind.

Locust were the original offspring of the sires. Sires were children of the rust lung patients at New Hope from Gears 2. Niles Sampson was working to cure children ill with rust lung and created the locust basically. There were no indigenous locusts. The Swarm are the evolved forms of the locust after the imulson counter measure and they basically hybernated for 25 years and became the swarm.

Humans with imulsion poisioning plus Myrrah, plus sire DNA mixed with her stem cells = the first locusts.

You’re right for the most part, except I’m 95% sure that indigenous locust (I.e. the beasts like the corpser and brumak) are a thing and only the drones and berserkers were created from sires.

At least that’s what I believe has established in extended lore (and now in gears 5).

But my question is do boomers, wretches and Kantus count as beasts seeing as they’re so similar to the drones?

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No. The beasts like the corpser weren’t locusts, but locust tamed creatures. The boomers were locusts, just a different type. The Corpser, Brumak, wretches, were not locusts.

Kantus were locusts, just a different type.

Wretches, I believe, were experimented on with DNA from apes, as well as brumaks.

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Sampson mentions that the Locust were basically created by experimenting with stem cells from imulsion-infected humans, and the indigenous creatures of the Hollow. This created the Sires. Myrrah’s stem cells plus the Sires, created the first Locust.

I assume every Locust that isn’t humanoid, are just tamed creatures of the Hollow.

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This was my assumption, but then it gets weird when you think about how the indigenous beasts would have lived in the hollow before the drones took control of them.

Being different species and what not, you’d think their diets would consist of one another, but since being tamed by the drones, did their diet change? Do locust farm their beasts to feed their other beasts? No way they’re fed only rockworms or just suddenly changed their diets.

I mean, I’m sure the Gears writers have probably come up with some explanation for that, though I suspect the real answer is “because shut up, it’s a video game and Brumaks are cool”, haha.

Myrrah is shown to have an almost-psychic connection to the Locust, so it’s possible she has a similar connection to the other creatures of the Hollow.

The games also make clear that without a Queen to guide them, the Locust basically do revert to borderline wild animals.

There were some collectibles and scenes in Gears 2 that explained what the creatures of the hollow and the locusts ate. I’d look to YouTube for those.

I see.

Well, I guess I could suspend my disbelief and accept the locust horde origin, even if it is outrageous.

Simplified version to understand :
Human + Imulsion = Rustlung
Rustlung + Niles experiment = Sire
Sire + Myrrah + Experiment = Locust
Locust + Imulsion = Lambent
Locust +Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon + 25 years of evolving = Swarm


It is a bit outrageous if you think about it in earth terms but considering it’s on a different planet with different medical technology and such it’s not so far fetched according to science fiction. I think that’s why I like Gears so much is because the story really is engaging and interesting.

Very, very nutshell version.

Changing title to spoilers as you have asked for them.

Otherwise you could negatively impact on people.

You are quite wrong.
Sires are unperfected Locusts.
The first Locust is Myrrah, a child tested with imulsion. She was imune and became an enhanced seran. Then Niles used the genes of Myrrah to improve the Sires, hence creating the Locusts.

Locust are not “offspring” of anything. They’re hybrids. Test tube.

They were the result of merging Myrrahs DNA to that of indigenous hollow creatures as well as the sires.

Um, no. Sites were the first imulsion miner children. It said so.

^ The original theory/fact based thread brought over from the old Gears forums, very interesting read. Not all of your questions will be answered, but also replaying Act II with the Niles walk through and cranking up the volume will help too.
Still a lot of unanswered questions for locust origins like the difference between breeds (ex. Lantus vs Drones).

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Yes, but the Locust were not the children of the sires. The Locust are hybrids of Sires and Myrrah DNA ( and a bit DNA of hollow creatures.) It´s explained in Gears 5. So, Locust are technically still their own species now, but they are not offspring of the sires, as we originally though. Tbh it makes more sense this way, because I always wondered, how the Locust could have come as they are from the Sires. Sires were unable to reproduce and they were ■■■■■■■ savage, Locust are almost civilized in comparison.