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Spoilers: Future Gears Game Is To Be ...?


Does anyone know if this is a trilogy with 6 being the last?

I think it would be sad if 6 was the last for Xbox Series X.

I’ve enjoyed the reinvention with the lore, new characters and growth of this universe and 5 delivered. I’m hoping they don’t rush and cram so much story into a last game for the sake of a trilogy and just release stories when needed as they go.

What have other people said?

If TC makes it, sure will. If another dev gets it, then we will have to see.

Sure will what? TC is not bound to trilogies but just stories. A similar direction 343 has with Halo?

If TC makes the next Gears then it’ll be over. Not sure how many people will buy the game because for the mess TC has on their hands right now.