Spoilers - End of Act 4 Chapter 1

So that bit where you choose between Del or JD.
A few plot holes. Please correct me if I missed something.

  1. Where was Jack? He is with you the whole time except this scene. He could have done something to stun/distract/buy time.

  2. Why did both Del + JD use a knife? These are military people. Why did they stupidly both run in using a knife and not stay in stealth for a head shot?

  3. I chose JD with the informed logic that as the best military soldier he would take a head shot or maneuver and save Del. Denied.

  4. Kait (knife expert) could have done a Jack Burton. No?


If you couldn’t tell, everyone somehow lost their weapons before the Queen showed up and they slid into the ground. How do you headshot something with no weapons at your disposal?

You haven’t explained where was Jack.

Also, it’s unlikely they would have lost their snub/pistol as that is the gun you have immediately after that scene.

Maybe Jack was Jackass!? :smirk:

  1. Plot armour prevented Jack, or maybe he was just distracted by the beautiful scenery. Failing that, there was several things happening so he could’ve been genuinely distracted.

  2. They were separated from their weapons before the Queen arrived.

  3. I choose J.D. for Myrrah’s revenge on Marcus but I believe Del to be the canon choice. Both of them should have died, in a perfect world.

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I don’t have an explanation for where Jack was at. You might as well ask where Paduk wandered off to after leaving his beacon to Kait.

If they didn’t lose their pistol, they may not have wanted to risk “Reyna” using Kait as a shield from the bullets. But with all the casualties around the old Ephyra city, it’s likely they found a pistol around somewhere. Or they just forgot to use it for “plot reasons”.

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If they had thier guns then picking between JD and Del wouldn’t happen.

The other thing, Kait could have done a Jack Burton. Problem solved no?

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1.Jack was temporary knocked out
2.They lost their weapons
3.JD and Del both wanted to be the one to save Princess Kait
4.Marcus It’s your father…
Oh wait I mean Kait it’s your mother

Where was Padduk?
He died and was replaced by a Swarm Spy

  1. LOL. :smile:

To dissect, Kait in that moment acknowledged her Mother was dead and the Queen was not her mother. All attachment / mourning was over. She could have easily done a Jack Burton and saved both of them.