(SPOILERS) Character skin addition /idea

Hi everyone, so I did another run through of the campaign on gears 5 and remembered how the locust drones that were in stasis looked and thought about how cool the designs looked…

I feel it’d be such a waste if this swole guy wasn’t introduced as a extra skin for the locust drone character…


The stasis spines connecting him to the pod he was hibernating in are poking out the back of him and even have the red team lights on them…

More pics…

Pretty cool design seen in the campaign and I think it’d fit nicely as a skin for the ‘locust drone’ character, we already have 3 skins for the character already, but I expect we may see the locust sniper, beast rider and even the savage version from Gears of war 3 at some point…


Honourable mention…


The locust grenadier still looking a bit left out with only his default skin available, the Grenadier Elite and Flame Grenadier versions and savage versions would be nice additions too…


Yay or nay?


Every dev stream Im asking them to add that first generation locust. All great additions, hope to see them soon.

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Should be common knowledge I bet, but where do I look to go about watching the dev streams?

And thank you, I’m glad others appreciate how cool they look :heart:

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Go to twitch and follow their channel to get notifications anytime a dev stream is live. For past streams you can go to their youtube channel.

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Thanks bud :+1: I’ll join in on the requests when I can, the first generation locust will dominate the groundwalkers… eventually… hopefully…

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@TC_Sera Are spoiler tags for Gears 5s Campaign really still necessary? Just a curiosity question seeing the warning in the title.

Anyway. I thought it was odd they didn’t use this as a skin for the Locust Drone in this game already. Maybe they don’t want a half naked Locust running about but then the bare chested Grenadier and Imago really answer that question. Also meh that these guys aren’t in Horde. I was already not expecting to fight old school Locust in the Campaign in the first place, so throwing these guys into Horde would’ve been nice too.

(Side track question/thought : I wonder if these Locust can reproduce with Imulsion gone but them not having evolved from the Imulsiom countermeasure like the Scions have?)


Hell yeah they will! I hope they are on the way. Mythic Uzil is coming this operation and I wonder if that will be a skin for the first generation locust as he looks like he was one of the locust who survived breaking the queen out of the lab and has a close relationship with her even before raam.

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I think they would be able to reproduce. The matriarch and them together would of been unstoppable if they all escaped. I want to know more about them. Hear their voice lines and how they feel about the world they’ve woken up to. Did Myra reach out to them once they emerged from their tanks. Do they remember her? When I first saw the frozen ones, it really made me think that these locust were the ones who stayed behind so the queen could escape.

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I think @Born_A_Beast is right…

Pretty sure if the first gen drones managed to “reproduce” with the Matriarch (Bless the first guy that tried to pin her down :eyes:) which I’m sure they would, that’d mean more beserkers and more drones, it’d be E-Day all over again…

Also yes… :joy::joy: No excuses when we have this…


It wouldn’t go down like that. The matriarch was already apart of the hive. When she screamed, kait could hear her moms voice.

Oh I see, so you’re saying it wouldn’t be like a normal berserker? The Matriarch would give in sorta speak, I just know that somewhere in the lore drones literally had to force themselves on berserkers to reproduce…

Which is just messed up :joy:

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My personal rule is spoiler tags for at least a year after a release thanks to an unfortunate instance with the Sherlock tv series…
So, good news, if we go by my standards, only a month and a bit to go!

(Although, may want to go for longer, just to be nice to new fans coming in :wink: )

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