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Spoilers! avoid if you haven’t beaten game

Okay I’m flabbergasted by the ending. But there’s a couple of things I’m confused on

  1. Where tf is Clayton at the end, I worked my butt off to make sure that worm didn’t eat him.

  2. Couldn’t kait throw the knife at Reynas head

  3. Will gears 6 ask you who you saved before starting game?
    ^if so? Does that mean which ever character survived will die early in the story so it doesn’t have a huge impact

  4. Which death is canon and as much I like the twist I can’t stop thinking about which one is real because both are very devastating but I don’t know who I need to be sad about.

It’s gonna be a longgggggggg wait…


Omg I can’t believe I didn’t think of this, it will be interesting to see how they continue the story in Gears 6 and honestly now you have mentioned it I don’t have a clue how they will do it lol.

And I get your point about throwing it straight at Reyna which is a definite possibility but then that got me thinking it is Kait’s mother, and she has been having visions which I’m not sure if they have changed her perspective and the fact kait probably didn’t have it in her to throw it at Reyna.

When I got to the end of the campaign I really wanted it to continue but I always knew that would be a good place to end it too.

Can’t wait for years Gears 6 already for the story.


There is a slight easter egg that if you let the Kraken suck you in at a specific point it gets Clayton.

I know they go into detail about the Locust origins, but do they explain why they’ve returned?

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Yessir they say the locust were built to last anything the way they were created that they will always find way to come back basically

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So if they kill Queen Reyna, and find a way to wipe out the Swarm? Like–for good, instead of them crystalizing–think they’ll just find another way to evolve and come back for Kait’s children?

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I’m just explaining it the way niles did I’m sure they’ll think of something but the point is that they’re whole species is built to reproduce and adapt any situation. Whether that’s true or not we’ll have to see

Do these revelations then put any notions of “Ancient Locust” to rest then?

Yeah, we aren’t told the actual dates, but the Locusts themselves can’t be more than 200 years old I’d say–unless Myrrah was so unnatural that she lived for much longer. I want to say 100-200 years, but actually thinking about it now it’s probably closer to 70-60 years (since I’m assuming most of the New Hope testing on Imulsion-patients went on during the Pendulum Wars).

But even with a generous 80~ years, that doesn’t feel like enough time to breed billions of Locust. Unless they grew faster/bred quickly, unlike humans who are pregnant for nine months. I’ve no clue.

It is mentioned that Myrrah ages differently from other humans, so that’s why my estimates are at 60+ years for the most parts. She could’ve been 30 with a body of a 9 year old, we’re not sure about the exact details yet–at least I don’t think so. Didn’t read anything other than that on the collectibles.

Yes. The earliest locust were experiments of niles going mad when trying to cure rust lung. During his experiments he created the locust, realizing the they were superior he then put all his work into that going mad. Niles was funded by the cog and all this was kept secret by the world. The cog created they’re own downfall.

Well after they found out they put Nile’s labs to siege, since he wasn’t upholding the duties of a COG citizen, but he did put the whole lab on ice just before he died (to preserve the Matriarch I’d assume)

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I guess that means the Joveus theory holds up pretty well, and that the only significant difference is that Myrrah was an offspring of the infected rather than one of the Scientists.

I also read that Niles had been “mass-producing” Locust, and that the Locust themselves may have replicated his efforts, thus explaining how they are able to bolster their numbers in only a few decades.


He mass produced locusts, then the species mass produced itself. He created a new life form that could reproduce itself

Which would explain how the Scions could produce the Swarm from the get-go.

Do they go into detail how the Locust procreated? Was it by processing?

I’ll tell you what, if JD’s death isn’t canon I will be highly disappointed.
For one, Del was there for Kait the whole time, had her back, vouched for Jack, etc.
Two, JD is pretty generic, even from the last game. He got slightly better towards the end but meh. We have Marcus still, we don’t need his son. Plus the reaction it got out of Marcus fits better.

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Exactly Narratively speaking Kait would save Del. Kait been running from the Cog and Jd is mr cog. Killed protesters which are probably outsiders. Was sowing distrust in the group, lied to JD. The bonded too much for her not to choose Del. And I think G6 is a good opportunity for him to get development


Easiest decision ever.

Del is a nothing character. A blank slate still. Nothing happened to him in two games now to give him any appeal. Having with me the whole game did not matter one bit. He has no family or anything other good reasons ever shown in the game to make the choice somewhat tough at all.

JD got interesting this game.

Plus Marcus has lost enough close people over the years. I gotta do my guy a solid.

I will always choose JD.

I watched Del live on YouTube just to see it bu that’s it.


New Hope was shut down by the old chairman, Monroe I believe, and Niles got funded by a different benefactor. (There’s a collectible in the old New Hope that explains this). He moved his subjects to Mount Kadar and with the funding of the mysterious backer he built and sunk the lab. It remained hidden for so long and there, probably, was the final stand before he put the facility on ice. It most likely got completely buried after that because the old COG didn’t want it to get out that they created monsters.

Niles started out with good intentions but when you play creator it always winds up badly. He preserved the first locusts because he believed so highly in his work.

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Let’s just hope they don’t keep with the same tropes movies & shows fall to. Del needs to be the one that lives, for a few reasons.

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It sounds like a rather strange decision on the writers part, especially in a series that has as linear a story experience as this one does.

I’m not sure I understand the reasoning for having it as I struggle to see what it adds to the experience. Especially since it doesn’t sound like it has any real affect the rest of the story while casually implying that JD and Del are interchangeable and whatever they had to offer to the narrative didn’t really matter.

If the rationale was to give the player some sense of agency, then that makes even less sense because the games layout pretty clearly that these characters - whether it be Kait, JD, or Marcus - have their own personalities, thoughts & goals and we’re just going along for the ride. But it would be a great disservice to take that away from them simply because the developers wanted to do…whatever it is they set out to do.