(Spoilers) Alternative Boss Fight Idea. Gears 5 campaign

I enjoyed the Gears 5 campaign but was underwhelmed by the final boss fight. So instead of blasting the Swarm rift worm with a giant cannon a few times and shooting its tonsils I thought of a different final boss idea.

So imagine this. You’ve been searching high and low throughout the campaign for components and the ultimate upgrades for Jacks’ abilities. Now imagine at the end of the game, a flock comes by and the leeches hack into Jack. Now all the abilities that you’ve been steadily upgrading throughout the game are turned against you. Jack is healing snatchers and carriers, providing a shield in front of them, flashing you, etc. The idea is he’s now using the abilities that YOU upgraded in him against you.

This was just a quick idea I had. Let me know what you think.

The boss fight definitely needed more adds. That is the main thing that made it feel bland. The small area I also think didn’t help. Combat bowls are much better than a small square.


Ummm…people would just not upgrade Jack if this was the case.

I do miss the end boss being a main character. RAAM, Skorge, the Queen…

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Well I mean the first time around you wouldn’t know that though lol. Unless you looked up a walkthrough before hand. Also not upgrading Jack on higher difficulties is actually a detriment to yourself.


I haven’t liked the bosses in 4 or 5.

I’ve also wondered why each horde match doesn’t end with them.

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The only bosses I liked were Gears 1 (RAAM) and Gears 3 (Myrrah). Gears 2 wasn’t really even a boss. It was more or less a stationary target you just freely blasted with the hammer of dawn. Gears 4 boss was really just QTE’s and Gears 5’s boss reminded me of fighting the leviathan in gears 3.

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I found the Kraken to be a fun and engaging boss fight, every time. The Swarm flocks in the first fight only had one glitch, where they went below a floor to another platform, but we were still able to kill them.

A boss fight against JACK would have been… less than fun. Especially if you’re playing with three people.

I’d have much rather seen JACK help out in the fight with “Reyna.” Though to be fair, any electric shock he used would just constrict her tentacles even tighter. And Stim wouldn’t make the characters strong enough to withstand all that hentai. It was just sad to see the three heroes perform so weakly against the Queen, while JACK hid the whole time.

It was understandable, though. Hindsight is 20/20 and not every good idea arises in time. The Coalition gave this project their all, and (just like with every Gears game) I’m left re-imagining every cutscene. How did that lyrical genius put it?

“Gears of War - never enough - we want more!”

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Agreed. The Kraken was actually a pretty good fight… but I had to end up hiding behind the functional railgun(there’s two but you can see that one is destroyed, to the right) to not get grabbed by those damned tongues because the bots are either scripted not to or horribly bad at shooting them to help you get free. At least, until it grabbed someone. That thing really liked to get Del and Carmine for some reason. But…

Why does the mention or presence of a tentacle always get this into people’s minds? I don’t get it. Maybe it’s better to not know of it.

It grabbed Fahz and Clay more often than it grabbed Onyx Guards, for me.

Clay needs to say: “It’s stabbin’ time!” in multiplayer.

The bots will not shoot the tentacle that grabs you, but the ‘B’ button quick-time-event is pretty easy. Then again, my thumbs were able to beat a team of lagswitchers in Gears 2 using only the chainsaw. But then again, I have lost every single chainsaw duel in Gears 5 multiplayer…

…anyway, the secret is to tense your whole forearm and jitter your hand. Turns your thumb into a woodpecker. (also, you can dodge the tentacles with a roll)

The low hanging fruit is always the first picked.

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Up until the attempt where I succeeded it seemed to always kill the Onyx Guards first until there were none left. Which I wasn’t happy with.

I know you can dodge the tongues with a roll but it has to be timed pretty well. As for the B button challenge, I’m not the world’s fastest button tapper. It’s either the third or fourth time where it grabs you that it seems to become practically impossible to break free again as it gets harder each time. The best [personal] achievement I ever got for these button tap challenges was beating a Drone Elite in Gears 4 Horde on Inconceivable in a chainsaw duel at the top of the stairs on Blood Drive, and I still don’t know how I managed it.

I’m not sure what this metaphor means, if it even is one. But I don’t think I really want to know given the context.

Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

It just means that easy jokes come easy. And low hanging fruit is easier to reach than the fruit at the top of the tree.

It’s still going over my head where the joke is or what it’s supposed to be. But whatever.

Has anyone else noticed the Swarm character descriptions actually give some insights into the roles of the different Swarm subtypes(Drones, Snipers, Hunters, etc.)? The Hunters’ description is what stood out to me the most. If they’re only sent out after what the Swarm considers high priority/threat targets, which to me at least would indicate the Swarm do view Kait and her squadmates as large (potential, if they haven’t realized how dangerous they are yet) threats, given that at the very least in the Swarm’s attack on Ephyra, there were at least quite a few Elite Hunters that came after them.

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Lol there’s a giant never ending supply of ammo the left. I had a lancer GL and spammed the GL underbarrel and didn’t give it a chance to breathe. Then that was it.

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My friend also used the freedom lancer to do exactly that!

My idea for this boss fight wasn’t to be fighting JACK himself per se. It was that you’d be fighting higher tier swarm (Snatchers, Carriers, Scions, etc.) whilst Jack was assisting them with the upgrades you’ve earned throughout the campaign. My thought process was “If the leeches can hack the DeeBees, why not Jack?”

When I killed that boss I didn’t even realize the game was over until the cutscene started. That was worse than the final boss fight for gears 2. Honestly do they even know how to end a game properly?

Same here.

Making bullet sponges more bullet spongey, without adding extra behaviors and new methods to defeat them, isn’t likely to be fun.

I do wonder how JACK avoids being hacked by leeches. Did Baird work out how to mask JACK’s electrical signals, or does the cloaking tech (“spectrum scrambler” too) also make his signals more difficult to detect? It could also be the case that leeches can infect JACK, but he canonically avoided them every time (just like Delta).

I miss when there was an iconic locusts leader behind the boss.

To each their own. In my opinion it would be more fun to fight a variety of swarm enemies while they are being assisted by Jack with the upgrades you got throughout the campaign as opposed to fighting another boss enemy that just sits still and eats bullets.