[Spoiler] Skorge and RAAM Friendship!

Hi everyone!!

I’ve only read the first and second issue of the Rise of RAAM Comics and one thing I found interesting was the Skorge and RAAM Friendship.

I noticed both of them trusted each other, how does their friendship progress through the next two series???

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Yeah, this also took me by surprise too.
Be careful not to ruin the story for others, might wanna consider spoiler tags.
In the past before reading Rise of RAAM, I originally thought there were no friendship between General RAAM and High Priest Skorge.
I thought it was just two Locust characters in high ranking positions, and one being the predecessor after RAAM’s General position was stripped off them after death.

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The comics are still fresh and the complete version has yet to be released. Kindly add spoiler tags, please.

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cant say

Thought it was a nice surprise as well. Cool to see Skorge and RAAM team up to be honest.