[SPOILER] AI will not move

Im in Chapter 1 heading to the commanders office & Del wont move after clearing the area on PC

Once you hit a door that needs help, he will appear beside you.

Thats not doing anything ? & Del is whining about ME not moving

Having same problem and it is not letting me access commanders office. Have you figured it out or gotten a reply. Thank you.

AI are terrible in Gears 5. In some spawn locations on Bunker for social King of the Hill, the AI bots will be locked to that spawn. One of them is inside the building where the Markza/RetroLancer spawn. They will stand completely still and only act if you fire at them, and even then they only return fire AND DON’T MOVE AT ALL. And in campaign they are pretty useless overall, like holding weapons with 0 ammo and using a Gnasher in long range battles.