Splitscreen on Xbox Series X

For my wife and me splitscreen is essential in Gears 5. Sadly even the Xbox One X only supports 30fps in splitscreen.

Does Gears 5 support 60fps in versus splitscreen on Series X? If yes, it will be preordered asap :grin:


Probably. But it wouldnt be 4k. ( maybe but doubt it)
Maybe 1440p 60 fps with spiltscreen
If they are saying geara 5 verse can do 4k at 120fps. I dont see why they couldnt do 60 fps on splitsreen

Id be more surprised if it wasnt

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On a $1500 desktop PC yeah but we are talking about a $500 console.
60 FPS split screen would be possible if the detail and rendering was massively reduced.

That does compete with a high pc at the moment does it not?

“they claim”. In perspective it is an impressive piece of hardware for $500 but to compare it in the same way and rendering power as a desktop PC is not realistic. Not the rendering detail such as ultra or insane.

Well. For competitive online gaming. Wouldnt everyone have their settings to fastest any ways.
Fps is more important than it looking gorgous with every little detail.

I know my set up will be 1440p 120 fps
Im playin on a Samsung 32hg70 and have everything set to fastest etc etc.
It will go upto 144hz

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Not everyone will subscribe to paying $2k for a pc or $500 for an xbox to play on high frames and awful graphics. You can play 60fps with ultra detail and that can be sufficient. I don’t see or feel a difference with 120fps personally. I have tried Siege, Pay Day 2 and Gear 5 and Master Chief Collection. I don’t know why but I feel it will be preference. I mean there are pro players now on an xbox beating pc players so does that necessarily mean fps is the be all to winning?

Well. Imo. 120 fps would play alot smoother than 60 fps.

Hell the series s can do 120 fps at 1440p
So with the series x doing the same. You would think it would run a hellva lot smoother.

Game looks amazing at 1440p. I can only imagine how great it will look at 120 fps at 1440p.
Most importantly. The input lag shouldnt be a problem as much as it has been.



Most important aspect of the new console if you ask me.

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is this a serious claim?

top of the line GPU’s barely do this now.

Thats wht all the xbox series x youtube videos are saying.
I know ive watched more than id like to admit honestly.

Im trying not to get my hopes up. Because when ever u do that
No matter how great something is. Ive built it up so much in my head that im always a bit disappointed

this is where the language used is important and need to watch out where these manufacturers can obfuscate the message. you see 4K and 120Hz used in the same line but it’s doesn’t necessarily mean 4K@120Hz.

that being said; it’s still a jump in tech. get excited, because this only happens every 6-7 years. I am

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Yea i dont think they will be doing 4k at 120 anytimes soon
But they can comfortably do 1440p at 120fps.
Which like i said. I happy about.

Ill b playin on a gaming monitor

Samsung 32hg70. It can do 1440p but can alsonupscale to 4k if i wanted. But i use my samsung 85 inch 4k for that
The ps5 will be played on that.
Anything mulitplayer will be on my monitor

I mean they say XSX will do 4k120fps in multiplayer. So 60fps in splitscreen does not sound that unrealistic? I don’t mind about 4k resolution but framerate.

On a 2000$ pc you CANT PLAY GOW5 VERSUS ONLINE just because the game does NOT support splitscreen in versus at all!

Yes it will do 4k upto 120 fps. But you will need to have a monitor or tv tht supports 2.1 hdmi

Sucks because mine only does 2.0 but does have a displayport ( series x doesnt but i see a later version having it. Mark it down. I called it first)

But anyways. My monitor will do 1440p at 120 fps. Easily
Plus it will upscale to 4k if need be. But i doubt ill be using tht for online play.

For visuals. Ill be using my giant 85 inch samsung 4k but the ps5 will be hooked up to tht.

Cant wait