Split the player base!

I like the idea splitting the player base with different weapon tuning from Gears 4 because what’s apparent from this launch is that we are already split. Their are a lot of people who love core/casual tuning, camping, lancer/rifle play, emotes, bloodsprays, colorblast whatever. Also a great place for the casual to get a feel for the movement, and aiming in Gears. It’s not for me though. I want a competitive tuning similar to Gears 4 but better! So do the pros and most serious competitive players. Split them but please don’t restrict the play modes for anything. Let us have the ability to select the game type at will. Well, I’m not sure I’d want competitive Arms race but I think you get me. I suppose in a way the Custom lobbies do this but it’s not structured and orderly like a offical ranked match.

Gears 3 had quick play king of the Hill and ranked king of the hill. I don’t understand this forcing a rolling play mode. In Comp warm-up in Gears 4 90% of the time it was koth except when you first start a match and they bring all the players together to start a new lobby or when that first match was over, koth not being an available choice. You would think that data alone would have told TC something.

I don’t understand TC insistence that we play things we don’t wish to. This should not be a chore, it is a game that I play to get my competitive fix. I like King, Escalation, Execution and TDM. Arms race and arcade and other gimmicky (not sure that’s a word by feels right) play modes along side other “event” play types like TBow tag or Golden Gun. Really TC can keep their campaign, horde and escape as well. I don’t need them but I’ll get around and enjoy them all the same in my own time and choosing. I MUST play this game type I loathe to achieve something, or get a cute outfit with a matching gun? IDGAF. I play games for fun and competition. Lol Not to achieve or some since of accomplishment. If I’m not playing for fun then for money. Lmao Come on! I’m not a child and Gears of war really was never meant for a child. Emotes, blood sprays, Special “marks”? Well if it gets my teammates to spot more often I’m for that last one.

Please just give me my shot connecting gnasher, a lancer that is not a laser, a snub and I’m good. A balanced online experience, both in connection to servers and people in lobbies goes a long way! I mentioned in another thread that I am a trucker and used to play 4 in the back of my truck on my Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot Which cost me $300+ a month with the updates and gameplay. I gladly shelled that out because I got to play, I love GEARS. It’s the love of the game and game play that makes a competitive player spend their money not making everything “exclusive” or “Limited time only” if I don’t like playing a game why would I care if I do it with a red or blue gun? I say all this to descibe the type of Gear Head I am and from what the forums and videos tell me Im far from a minority. Enjoy arcade, enjoy horde, the campaign and anything else im all for it but it’s not for me.

I joined twitter the other day just because I was shook by the state of my favorite game and the future of it. I follow TC, a bunch of pros and content creators and their is a HUGE disconnect between the developer and the true gears fans. I don’t understand it at all. The collective experience and knowledge of what makes Gears great is at the disposal of TC but they think they know best . Perhaps they do as far as Campaign, MTA, Arcade Modes, bloodsprays, horde and so on. But as far as competitive gameplay. It’s been made obvious that you don’t know best. Have you heard the community? How much lower does the game have to fall? Invite the best minds on how gears plays competitivly in to brain storm perfect weapon tuning, map features, and other aspects that would make the best competitive experience possible. Please TC at least have those 2 way conversations that Dana was asked about on the Developers Stream on Twitch…which by the way is where people go to watch your game being played by pros and streamers but more important they HEAR them 24/7!!! You’re there 1 hour 30 mins on Thursdays at 3 pt. Unless it’s Canadian Halloween or something. (JK) Their displeasure and knowledge of what is lacking is being passed on constantly, not only by them but through the content creators on YouTube as well.

You have all these modes in this game and will add more why not take some time and create a mode for/with us who have been supporting, promoting, or just living Gears? You invested in Esports. Make it a central focus. Its the most common sense all around! Keep all your modes for the casuals but carve out a place for us that will speak the loudest, play the most, release the content, stream, create tutorials, produce videos, free GEARS promoting, brand ambassador players! DAMN! Quid pro quo.

So YES! Split the player base. Better both happy and/or content than both upset and gone. Casual and Competitve


No. Never again.


Hmmm. A long read but short response. Why never again?

It’s the fans who play Gears in the back of the truck whilst pulled over on the highway that need to be listened to.

It’s hard to find a balance. These days I just like arcade.


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I can’t say that I’m far from your opinion on the state of the game. However, I cannot say splitting is the way to go, especially if the online numbers of how “small” the community has shrunk since its release, hold true. I think the balancing has truly been FUBAR.
I don’t care about uber competitive, even though I play with those mindsets. I care more about flow. Horde is just slow and monotonous, escape is just repetitive, the campaign was full of good story but lacks in actual fun. Now the meat and potatoes, I think having a weapon/new tuning playlist would be beneficial, and then have a feedback system. Just one playlist, maybe offer 2 modes to help narrow down specific areas of improvement. (example: Koth and TDM or warzone)
This would get the individuals a chance to playtest changes, and see how their wants/gripes are affecting the game. Example: I think that stopping power is way too prevalent in situations where I run on a horizontal plane, and a player is shooting me from the side. I shouldn’t be slowed by the shots because I am not running at him. Same with being shot from behind, I shouldn’t be slowed at all.
This system could help playtest changes and let the community interact with dev’s in a more productive manner.

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I agree for the most part but I don’t think it’s fubar. Lol a in game playlist with feed back would be too many opinions from players that don’t really gears. It must be those with expeierence of what gears actually should be. In 4 they continously tweeked the tunings of you remember the comp 2.1, 2.2…to I think 2.8 before finally settling into one they stuck with but everything they learned in that 6 month or so process was thrown out it seems.

Dude i cannot agree with you more, i mean splitting the fan base im iffy on… but clearly you make an insanely accurate point that the game is split between casuals (who want to camp, use emotes and predominantly lancer… oh and they avoid KoTH like the plague, instead favouring arms race etc).

I cannot for the life of me understand quick matches in this game… KoTH (Please go back to Annex it was an all round better name) is the best game mode, you cant really camp because you are forced to move if you play the objective. It also used to give the most points. Why cant it just be social and ranked games with the choice of rolling lobbies with a particular game mode? Nowadays finding a game of KoTH in quick match is a mission and when you do… its one round with 180 points… why? to suit the casuals who find 2 rounds at 180 points “too long and difficult”.

Gears is a shell of its former self.

Funny, Lancer camping is the biggest complaint I hear about koth

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Bar Story, Escalation and Execution I don’t enjoy playing ■■■■ no more :frowning: The game has changed, but I haven’t. I probably sound like an old fart. But Gears were best at number 2 and 3


Im not sure how lancer camping is the biggest issue when the game literally forces you to move after 60 seconds. I mean yes lancers are overused in my opinion (because i love gnasher battles and KoTH gnasher was the best game mode they’ve ever thought of).

But other than that, the fact that KoTH is nearly impossible to come by and the fact that its now 1 round… its ridiculous man

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Not saying I agree, just going off the stuff I read here. The only gripe about koth here that I agree with is that flashbangs make the mode more obnoxious than it should be.

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Yeah man thats what my friend and I said from the start as well. KoTH and flashbangs do not mix well at all. Still it remains the most fun game mode and when done properly its the best way of earning XP. Now it feels as though it has the lowest priority in terms of availability when you play quick matches and the fact that its nerfed to 1 round is just madness… you dont get any time at all to play the game mode properly.

I just think the game was a lot better when it released and thats sad to say considering how young it is.

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Its just unusual… because i used to love those game modes… guardian… execution… they were all great. Annex was always the best but these other game modes were still fun.

Nowadays the only game mode that is half decent is KoTH and even then its still pretty boring because the game just isnt fun.

I agree with your points, a bit off topic from the main post though. Well, unless you mean that the game mode splits the player base as well. I used to never play TDM in 4 because of you were not in a 5 man team their was never any team work! Pissed me off! It even says TEAM in the name! It should have been renamed Campers K/D ratio protection mode. Lol shorten the round times to push players to actually push. Koth is by far my favorite. It forces the action, forces team work by having a common objective. In 5 they have too small maps and too short respawns timers. I swear I almost got a 6 man kill streak (like a quad or quint but don’t know what that would be called). I wipe the whole squad and as soon as I reload they are right there again. I like the larger maps with out the ability to camp high points and cross everywhere. Not sure if you remember the map Academy from 3. A good map. High points that you can lancer from but it wasn’t so bad that you could laser lancer someone down anywhere on the map. It was very large so each hill felt like it’s own map in itself.

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At this point, I agree with you. I think a lot of us rightly thought that a unified tuning implied that the tuning would be more focused on skill, and instead now all we have are disgruntled competitive players who can’t make very many fun plays and have those great, drawn-out battles we had in Gears 1-3 (maybe less so in 3, but I still liked 3 personally). The casuals don’t care either way and won’t be sticking around for the long haul, so… if TC must cater to casual players, a split is needed. Otherwise, I think the smart move is to unify the tuning, but orient it towards drawn-out, skillful play.

I also think your point about the disconnect between dev and fans is basically spot on. I really struggle to understand how we got here given the incredible legacy Gears of War has and how much it already had going for it that they just flushed down the drain because… reasons…?


Yea man. If they want to go this route with the game play I say go ahead! TC and Esports are offering millons and millions of dollars to winners. The sponsorships of major brands like Coke, chips a hoy, rockstar energy drinks and so on the content creators on youtube, streamers on Twitch these are things that should be your focus. Gameplay should be catered to this as this is where your long term revenue is found. Already in just under 2 months most people who were going to buy the game have. They beat the campaign and maybe play around in horde, arcade and so on and now have moved on. People like me, who are complete Gears fiends should be catered to. We will play daily, buy skins, support Esports, play in tournaments, stream on Twitch and draw in many more new people by showing how fun and competitive the game is. They need the people who are the faces of their community to like the game but they really said Fck them. So as they leave the game so do their followers, people like MooMoomilk has over 250,000 subscribers! If he puts out a video and asks everyone to log into gears at noon probably 25,000 to 50,000 would. That’s a lot of players and a lot of dollars buying skins and what not. Mutually beneficial. It also seems like their is a disconnect between the pros and content creators. I have to be honest a large number of the pros seem to be ■■■■ty people in general. Lol but if the make a alliance it would be very beneficial for both. Their needs to be a Gears conference like I mentioned. Get everyone together, brain storm and come to a consensus that not everyone will be 100% happy about but enough of what everyone wants to keep the game going.

Guns should shoot the same across all PvP game modes.

How about this? When we play a casual game mode to practice for tougher modes, they should use the same guns, otherwise, what are we practicing for?

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Ok fair enough. But not what they have currently in modes like koth an tdm. I’m every other gears game I could strafe and walk bounce to make opponets miss. Now no matter what I do I’m killed by shots that should miss me and missing shots that’s should kill them. Inconsistent damage registration and lag make it fustrating and pointless. I understand why there is so much lancer play and meleeing, it is a lot more effective. I suppose we have to wait until they have a fully functioning online PVP system before properly evaluating the weapon tuning.

Holy :poop: it’s happening again. Everything that was bad and always complained about in 4 is now great and everything Gears 5 related is bad.


I kinda feel bad for TC. Well, now I do, anyway.

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