Split screen pc

Just curious if the pc community will be screwed again or will we actually be getting a true split screen option for 2 players to play horde and versus locally simultaneously as I was disappointed it was only available for co-op on campaign? I understand this is also a windows 10 guest account limitation as well but if it’s been possible on console for ages what’s the hold up on windows at this point?

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How would player two aim with mouse? Is that even possible?

Ur kidding right? :joy: there is such a thing as using 2 controllers not that hard it’s a glorified console bro what do u think 2 people playing mortal kombat do use 1 keyboard​:joy: no me and my boy use 2 controllers just like xbox

A PC isn’t a console. This thread was about split screen on PC. Not console. This game is Gears 5, not Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat is a 2D or 3D fighting game. Gears is completely different. We don’t see two characters in the same place. Mortal Kombat probably doesn’t have split screen. It’s two characters on the same screen. One on left, one on right. But Gears, two players could be in separate places on the map. In Mortal Kombat, you don’t need to aim at all. Mouse isn’t needed for Mortal Kombat. We’re comparing a fighting game to shooter. I haven’t seen or heard of two players split screen shooter on PC at all. Or even in any games.

It might be possible to have split screen with keyboard and mouse support that’s coming soon.

Lmao mortal kombat was an example bruh ur asking about 2people using the mouse like a computer can’t handle 2 controllers simultaneously and I was clarifying that both players don’t have to use a keyboard mouse at all which in gears more than half the pc population play with a controller anyways so ur question about the mouse is obsolete and strays from the question at hand…which is about split screen multiplayer not what type of controls a player will be using …and if u think a pc isn’t a glorified or better console ur sorrowfully mistaken as consoles literally have the same components as a pc just on a smaller dumbed down version(processor gpu ram HD’s)…and to further disprove ur idiocracy one player can use keyboard mouse while the other uses a controller so idk why u think we are forced to only keyboard mouse

I understand what you’re on about now, even though grammar makes it harder to understand the first time. So you were saying that Mortal Kombat on PC lets you use two Xbox controllers? Well this isn’t a thing yet for Gears on PC. Whenever’s there mention of PC, the first thing that comes into my mind would be using keyboard and mouse.

Yes exactly what I was trying to say…my bad kinda rush through and didn’t properly word it I suppose but most 2 player or multiplayer games let you use 2 controllers on pc…I take it that u don’t have or play on pc then? As a very small portion of players play gears using a mouse and keyboard so maybe that’s what comes to mind first for u but again this thread wasn’t meant to debate what controls a player uses…and again 2 players on pc for gears can simultaneously use 2 controllers in the campaign however only on co-op campaign and not any other modes (per my original post)…so yes it actually is a thing for gears on pc just not the split screen multiplayer part that I was getting at and originally made the topic about…again this post is not about controller type as the title even states…from my understanding there isn’t an option to add a guest or second account to enable split screen for coop as it seems to be a windows limitation at this point…but both products are owned by Microsoft And I’m trying to get at why it hasn’t become a thing on windows yet but been a thing on Xbox and other consoles for ages ? And I was inquiring if others might know what’s the possibility of this becoming a reality for gears 5 ?

sorry for late reply, gears 4 had true split screen on PC , ran just fine. 2 controllers, or 1 keyboard and mouse and other controller.
I have all 3 systems with beast PC . love split screen on PC because graphics and high fps.

Only for campaign, there was no Versus splitscreen.

All the features of the XBOX should come to PC, this is exactly the why

  • Nvidia users still using 382.53 a driver from almost 2 years old. When OVERWATCH have a problems with crashes BLIZZARD release A HOT-FIX with hours not waiting NVIDIA/AMD take care of the problem"
  • Not property optimization to play on 240hz monitors
  • Not split-screen when you can have triple-monitor on PC and each player can play on ONE-MONITOR
  • Bad quality cross-play. Creating “ICONS” to separate the playerbase, giving a option to XBOX players to remove cross play.

At this point just remove the dam GAME of PC if you will not have a PROPER-TESTER like “ENVY” for example a dude with a 3k USD dolars that actually can give FEEDBACK to TC and make the exp better.

  • Where is the option to pick the size of the textures for PC? 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB. No you send the textures size you want for example. I can continue but yeah just remove the dam thing from PC if you will not TAKE-CARE of that or give the “PC version to EPIC-GAMES/STEAM so they can take care of this problems”

I’m guessing your frame rate drops in split screen? If so, what number?

I just don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t allow Horde mode in splitscreen on PC.

I loved playing Gears of War 4 on PC, in campaign mode, with my brother in law using splitscreen, but we were very disappointed horde mode wasn’t available to us.

To jump back on something that was said above : playing on PC is about options. I can play with a mouse and keyboard, a controller, on my monitor or my TV, or use some weird combinations of input devices. It’s not the
90s anymore, the “PC gamer” is not confined to just use keyboard and mouse. It’s all about options, and the more of them are present, the better.

It has to do with how Windows works with Live profiles, or something. The Live profile playing the game is the one associated with the Windows User that’s playing, and it’s just likely they couldn’t do anything more than just have that one player. Campaign in Gears 4 allows splitscreen because there’s no online connectivity with that.

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Sadly enough it appears pc community is cheated out of split screen for versus yet again

No splitscreen for ANYTHING but campaign. There’s literally a quote from the AMD E3 conference saying that Escape WILL support PC split-screen too.

I no and could care less about the escape split I just want split screen versus for pc as I was under the impression we would be able to this time around …Microsoft makes Xbox and windows…Xbox can split screen for years but they can’t implement it in windows it’s ridiculous