Split-Screen Issues. Please fix ASAP!

I know Gears 5 is coming out with a lot of updates… I just wanted to point out what I’m sure TC is already aware of.

  • (For those playing gears with a surround sound entertainment system) the audio sounds wonderful is single player mode. But when playing split-screen, the rear speakers are shut off and don’t work. Gears 4 doesn’t have this issue. I’m sure it did before the updates rolled in…

  • black bars are flickering when you move around. It’s incredibly Annoying! Is it possible to have full/wide screen without the damn bars. I know it’s to keep the screen ratio… but can there be an option or a way to remove them.

*other various issues seem to have been resolved (campaign progress and levelling up…)

Other then that, great game!

If anyone is experiencing difficulties or glitches… please share.


I’m having the same issue with black lines. Running a 2 screen PC they only show in gameplay not cinematically…

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Same here. I was excited to see gears 5 supports Dolby Atmos but when playing split screen the sound is downgraded. I also have 2 rear speakers but there is no sound being played when in split screen. Gears 4 works excellent but surprisingly it doesn’t in gears 5. I’m sure TC is going to roll an update to fix this soon.

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I just shelled out $550 for a new Xbox one X just this week to enjoy dolby atmos and 4K gaming. My very first game is Gears 5 and there are already problems! I am having the same surround sound issue with split screen co op campaign. Only getting sound from front 3 speakers on a hi end 7.2.4 dolby atmos system… No sound from surrounds or subwoofer during co op split screen. Very disappointing. Single player campaign atmos is very very good. Sound settings on Xbox and AV receiver are optimized for dolby atmos to no avail. Please fix this. The split screen co op experience with my family and friends is very disappointing.


I play gears 5 as a second player in couch co-op and I’ve notice a few issues.

I can’t re-up unless i launch the game on my account only.

When I aim with any gun it automatically fires.

The tour of duty screen doesn’t always load up

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When I play split screen and I get flashed banged it keeps the effect of the flash bang on my screen for the whole round and it’s super blurry

Ugh same re up problem here , any work around ?

No, we just have to live with it. With the amount of bugs in Gears 5 I don’t think tc tests the game very much at all, and I can say with 100% certainty that they never have any qa people test play in splitscreen.